Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Test Your Knowledge - 2

1)      I : Mine : : Their : Theirs
2)      What C is coagulated mass of blood ? Clot
3)      What O is the surface that does not allow light to pass through it? Opaque
4)      What G is a branch of mathematics that deals with lines and curves? Geometry
5)      What F is the quality affecting taste or smell? Flavour
6)      What T is a thin piece of slate made of baked clay? Tile
7)      The word Cerebral refers to which part of the body? Brain
8)      If ‘a’ and ‘e’ are called vowels what are ‘c’ and ‘k’ called? Consonants
9)      What v is an inoculation administered to a new born baby? Vaccination
10)  What Q is a question or mark of interrogation? Query
11)  What L is a Buddhist monk in Tibet? lama
12)   What U is an ideal or a elated state of life? Utopia
13)  Lose : Find : : Leave : Return
14)  What R is the dimpling of water on the surface? Ripple
15)  What P is a flat plate used by artists? Palette
16)  What G is a large bay or a wide separation by the sea? Gulf
17)  What H is half a sphere? Hemisphere
18)  What O is the last Greek letter? Omega
19)  What C is the bed for babies that can be rocked? Cradle
20)  What J is the unit of work or energy? Joule
21)  What M is a Muslim temple ? Mosque
22)  What does garbage mean – litter or sitter? Litter
23)  What E is the art of effective public speaking? Elocution
24)  What B is a polynomial with two terms? Bi-nominal
25)  What H is a small village? Hamlet
26)  What T is accumulated wealth? Treasure
27)  What P is a celestial body revolving round the sun? Planet
28)  What Y is the involuntary opening of the mouth due to sleepiness? Yawn
29)  What I is frozen Water? Ice
30)  What S is a hunting expedition? Safari
31)  What T is a travel from one place to another for a particular purpose? Tour
32)  Wind : Blows : : Sun : Shines
33)  What M is a person who hoards money? Miser
34)  What P is a clergy man? Pastor
35)  What S is matter which settles at the bottom of a liquid? Sediment
36)  What T is each of three children born together? Triplets
37)  What C is a toothed instrument for cleaning, adjusting or fastening hair? Comb
38)  Time : Clock : : Temperature : Thermometer
39)  Which two words have the same meaning – Dirt, Soil, Tree, Sky? Dirt & Soil
40)  What S is a gold coin or a ruler? Sovereign
41)  What D is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet? Delta
42)  What E is the gradual unfolding or growth or development of any species? Evolution
43)  What G is a motion of the head, hands or mode of expression? Gesture
44)  Raise : Lower : : Accept : Reject
45)  What P is a mass or collection of things? Pile
46)  What O is the smell or fragrance? Odor
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