Friday, February 14, 2020

The Importance of Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization

This is a technique for mobilizing inner resources for success or whatever else you desire. Begin by having an idea, or image, of what you want to create and then accept that to fulfill your goals you have to imagine your present reality transformed into something you want. In short, you create a vision, believe in that vision and pursue it till accomplishment. This can be used for material success. Or to handle aches, pains and stress.

Suppose you have a constant pain in your right elbow caused by daylong work at the computer terminal. Every morning before getting up from bed and every night before sleeping, visualize your healthy left elbow. Then overlap the elbows and visualize your right elbow as a fighting fit body part.

This technique is also used to destress. Begin by lying down or sitting comfortably. Now close your eyes and visualize a tranquil place, one you have actually been to or an imaginary one. Make it vivid: A beautiful Himalayan valley full of flowers spanning the spectrum of rainbow colors. A cool, gentle breeze is wafting the fragrance of these exotic flowers all around. Your ears register the mellifluous music of birdsong and the soothing trickle of a gurgling mountain stream. Leaves rustle in the wind as a magpie robin trills its love song to seduce a teasing female and a pair of lovelorn koels answer each other's calls at rapid intervals. 

Now visualize the stress slowly trickling out of your fingers and toes like grains of sand from a sand clock. Sixty seconds later, your mind is completely calm, your body totally relaxed. You feel you're in the Garden of Eden. Indeed, you are. Mentally. 

Gradually let this image fade away and return to reality. You are back in your room. Sans the stress. Feeling absolutely refreshed. Relaxed. 

Light, instrumental and soothing music in the background could aid the visualization process.

Use creative visualization twice or thrice a day and see it work wonders.
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