Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Castor Oil best magic ingredient for skin and hair

Oil for days. Sounds unpleasant? Coconut oil’s beauty benefits are often raved about paying no heed to what other oils Castor can do. The latter comes with a thicker formula and it is often seen as a well-wisher for your body from food to medicines and skincare, it’s wholesome, and how! Here are a few hacks that castor oil is boastful about. 

1) Investing in skincare products alone isn’t enough, your hair will ask you for the same with its set of queries. From nourishment to frizz therapy, be ready to pay attention to what problem may creep up. Take hair fall, dry and breakage-prone hair, you can stay prepped to prevent further damage by drenching your hair with castor oil. Always heat the oil before you smear it on your hair and roots. A 10-minute massage with this oil post application will reap some jaw-dropping results like glossy and stronger hair. 

2) Do you spot tiny gaps through your eyebrows? Castor oil is seen as a truly promising wonder that helps to enhance hair growth. Take a little amount and use the tips of your fingers to heat it. Now spread it on your eyebrows every day before you hit the sack at night. 

3) Chapped lips and feet? This oil is equally excellent as your store-bought lip balms and foot creams. Swipe it on every day for a better outcome and thank the oil later. This will prep your pout and dry feet leaving a smooth base behind.

4) Dry hands? Let this oil show you what soft and ultra-nourished skin feels and looks like. Gently slather it on your dry hands until you witness the results. You can also use it on your cuticles, it will help strengthen its base. 

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