Wednesday, September 29, 2021

How to remove the password from a ZIP file without knowing the password?

Online sharing of data has become the need of the hour. It's been long since we all are working from our homes and we often need to share software and large-sized files related to the organization in ZIP file format. These ZIP files are sensitive and we password protect them in order to safeguard the contents of the file.

However, if you tend to forget the ZIP password by any chance, you can still access the ZIP file by removing the password even without losing the data. Since you don't remember the password, the best way to do this is by downloading a program that can crack the ZIP password for you. Follow the steps given below.

Steps to remove the password from a ZIP file without knowing the password

Step 1: Download and install a reliable free online tool that can be used to crack passwords. In this approach, we try to extract the contents from the locked ZIP file in an instant.

Step 2: Drag and place your ZIP file on the desktop as it is the most easily accessed location on the computer. You can even copy and paste the ZIP folder on the desktop by using shortcut commands.

Step 3: Now, double-click on the ZIP folder. Then, click the 'Extract' tab, following with 'Extract all' and wait for the window to open.

Step 4: Place your ZIP folder in the online tool folder by copying it. Then, open the 'run' folder and click a blank space, and press CTRL+V.

Step 5: Now, choose a password guessing option and click the 'Start' or 'Run' button in your application. It may take a while for the password to finish cracking.

Step 6: Once the password has been cracked, prompt the cracked password to display or you'll see a notification stating 'Session complete' in the program.

Points to note:

This process may take some time as password-cracking programs will take several hours to guess the simplest of passwords.

You'll be needing the support of your computer's processor speed throughout this process. Therefore, you must close all the background or heavy processing programs such as Photoshop, video games and so on.



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