Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Forces of Nature - Towering Mountains

China: 70% of this huge country is mountainous, with 160 mountain ranges crisscrossing the lands. Breathtaking mountains, hidden habitats, ancient species, and amazing stories live and survive here. Have you ever heard of the blue sheep? Well, they live in these mountains halfway to the sky with an ability to climb rocks every rock climber has to be seriously jealous of. These blue sheep (who aren't really blue) can walk on sheer cliff faces that are practically vertical. Talk about superhero abilities.

Snow leopards, gibbons, and the drummer boys aka male black-billed capercaillie, are responsible for the drumbeat sounds as you walk through deep dark dense forests and jungles.

China covers a vast area of over 5,200 kilometers from east to west, crossing 62 degrees of longitude and five time zones. When the Wusuli River on the easternmost end sees the sky filled with morning glow, the Pamirs on the westernmost end are still in a starry night.

China is home to abundant resources. Diversity defines the basic features of China's natural environment. Temperatures vary from place to place all over China. In winter, it is nearly -50 °C at the coldest place of China, Hanma Nature Reserve in Genhe in Inner Mongolia, while it is over 30 degrees at the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea. It is the only country of the world that has reindeers in the north and elephants in the south. Nobody has ever traveled to all parts of this big Eastern country. The continuous snowy mountains of the Himalaya, the vast shore of the South China Sea, mysterious tropical rainforests, the snowy piedmont of the Changbai Mountains...


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