Thursday, September 21, 2017

Common Citizens and the complicated Legal and Banking Systems

Ignorance of Law is no excuse’ says the dictum of jurisprudence. Forget the illiterate or semi-literate citizens, even vast majority of the educated class may not be able to understand the fine points of the applicable law of a particular situation. 
Here the litigants put hundred percent faith in the legal luminaries. While smart lawyers put the right perception of the law to the situation, the case still get delayed for a final decision. Adjournments after adjournments after adjournments …; and then for whatever reasons that the common citizen is not aware of, a case decreed at a lower court gets rejected at the higher Court. Does not this indicate lack of application of mind (‘KaaryaakaraVichara’ as the Bhagavad Gita puts it), at the lower level? The tragedy is that even in Civil cases where all the facts are clear on record unlike in criminal cases, the common citizens are forced to suffer because of continuous adjournments. 
In the BANKING system the treatment of the ordinary account holders is worst. Banks coolly forget that it is the TRUST and BUSINESS ETHICS that counts first and foremost, than the amount of big money that the big business and rich and powerful, and sometime the crooks, bring in and borrow out, while the common citizens are confused and baffled with hundreds of questions. Whatever be the way, sense of Professional Ethics MUST be injected to the mind and brain of Bank officials with frequent ETHICAL orientation classes and stringent provisions of penal action if the mistake is found a misconduct.
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