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Learn, Relax and Enjoy - 13

I am Grimaldi
One evening in 1808 a gaunt ,sad faced man entered the offices of Dr. James Hamilton in Manchester, England. The doctor was stuck by the melancholy appearance of his visitor. He inquired: ”Are you sick?”
“Yes , Doctor, sick of a mortal malady.”
“What malady?”
“ I am frightened of the terror of the world around me. I am depressed by life. I can find no happiness any where, nothing amuses me, and have nothing to live for. If you can help me, I shall kill myself.”
“The malady is not mortal. You only need to get out of yourself. You need to laugh , to get some pleasure from life”.
“What shall I do?”
“Go to the circus to night to see Grimaldi, the clown. Grimaldi is the funniest man alive. He’ll cure you.”
A spasm of pain crossed the poor man’s face as he said:” Doctor, don’t jest with me. I am Grimaldi.”
Sentence – a combination of words that makes complete sense

Statements – Which simply affirm or deny something.

A man’s success depends chiefly on himself. (affirmative)
He did not get much help from others (negative)
Rely chiefly on your own efforts.(command)
Lend me a pen.(request)
Save me.(entreaty)
God save the Queen! (wish)
Have you finished your work? (Questions)
How wonderful ! (Exclamatory)

Phrase A combination of words that makes sense, but not complete sense.

On the river.              Through thick and thin.                  A bird in the hand.

Clause -  This is the house where we live.

Here ‘where we live’ is not a phrase, because it has a subject and predicate of its own, it resembles a complete sentence; Yet it is not a complete sentence, because it forms only part of a sentence. Such a group of words as forms part of a sentence, and contains a subject and a predicate, is called a clause.

Quality          Quality is never an accident
                      It is always the result of intelligent effort.
                      There must be the will
                      To produce a superior thing                                   -- John Ruskin.

Recourse - Using someone/something as a way of obtaining help especially in a dangerous                     situation.
Ulterior           -           a secret purpose or reason.
Freak              -           that is extremely unusual and not like any other of its type.
Rattle              -           a sound similar to a series of quickly repeated knocks
Limpid             -           literary clear and transparent.
Illegible          -           That cannot be read
Conceal         -           to hide something
Express          -           to show a feeling
Indicate          -           to show, point or make clear in another way
Stammer        -           to speak or say something with unusual pauses.
Insane            -           mentally ill
Object             -           a thing that you can see or touch but that is not usually living.
Segment        -           any of the parts into which something can be divided
Quota             -           prefixed limit
Pension         -           a sum of money paid regularly by the govt. or a private company to a                 retired person.
Favor           -            The support or approval of something or someone.
Pediatrician   -           doctor who has special training in medical care for children.
tackle              -          to try to deal with something or someone.
Rabble           -           a large noisy uncontrolled group of people
Dagger           -           a short pointed knife which is sharp on both sides

The secret of living well

Worry less and work more
Ride less and walk more
Frown less and smile more
Talk less and think more
Drink less and breathe more
Eat less and chew more
Preach less and practice more
Spend less and save more.

What is the difference between the railway guard and a teacher?
One minds the train, one trains the mind.

Arm : Hand              -           Leg : Foot
Beautiful : beauty    -           Young : Youth
Swim : Swimming   -           walk : walking
Baseball : Bat          -           Tennis : Racquet
Dog : dogs                -           woman : women
America : American  -           Japan : Japanese
Man : boy                  -           Woman : Girl
I : My                          -           You : Your
Stomachache: doctor -        Toothache : Dentist                       
Drive : drove               -           eat : ate
Daughter : aunt          -           son : uncle
Pencil : write              -           gun : shoot
Big : bigger                -           important : more important
One : two                   -           first : second

Yesterday : the day before yesterday   -    last month : the month before last
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