Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Test Your Knowledge - 1

1)      What is the word that qualifies a verb called ? Adverb
2)      How can we describe a writing which can be easily read ? Legible
3)      What is a group of robbers called ? Gang/Band
4)      What is the home of a horse called ? Stable
5)      What is a group of flowers called – Bouquet or bunch ? Bouquet
6)      The baby of the deer is called ---- Fawn
7)      What do we call a person who betrays his or her own country? Traitor
8)      What sound does a boot make while we walk - creak or rumble ? Creak
9)      What is the unit of measure equal to 12 inches called ? A Foot
10)  What is the young one of an elephant called ? Calf
11)  What is Epitasis ?  Nose Bleeding
12)  What was the term used to describe a person qualified to prepare and sell drugs?      Apothecary
13)  What is the humorous word  of five or more rhyming lines called? Limerick
14)  Find the odd man: Square, Ellipse, Ratios, Circles ? Ratios
15)  If you were a misocapnic, What would you hate: the smell of tobacco smoke or smell of alcohol? Tobacco smoke
16)  What is the plural of mongoose? Mongooses
17)  Name something found on an insect head and top of a radio? Antenna
18)  What P is a small hand gun? Pistol
19)  What M is a foot race first conducted in Athens? Marathon
20)  What G is a person who takes you around in a new place? Guide
21)  What M is a lodging for travelers? Motel
22)  What D is the lineage of kings? Dynasty
23)  What A is an envoy of a country of high rank sent to another country? Ambassador
24)  What E is the imaginary line that divides the earth into two parts? Equator
25)  What Q is the consort of a king? Queen
26)  What P is a sacred hymn? Prayer or psalm
27)  Yesterday is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday. True or False? False
28)  What L is the place where experiments are conducted? Laboratory
29)  What P is the person who collects stamps? Philatelist
30)  What A is the layer surrounding the earth? Atmosphere
31)  What D is a young beautiful girl ? Damsel
32)  What H is a quality of receiving and entertaining people? Hospitality
33)  What F is an artificial jet of water? Fountain
34)  What I is a person pretending to be another person? Imposter
35)  What J is a type of aircraft ? jet
36)  What O is a set of 8 musical notes in order? Octave
37)  What P is the other end of the axis of the globe? Pole
38)  What R is improved fabricated news? Rumour
39)  What S is sodium chloride? Salt
40)  What M Is ten Lakhs? Million

41)  What E is an armed foe ? enemy

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