Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Secret to Great Public Speaking

No, we’re not talking about giving presentations that look and sound like a TED Talk. Obviously the TED style doesn’t make sense for every kind of presentation, and even though such talks can be compelling to watch, you shouldn’t aim to always emulate that style.

That being said, TED’s curator Chris Anderson has some great tips that you’ll want to apply no matter what kind of talk you give. These are fundamental, universal, and will help you understand what makes a great talk great.

Ultimately, presentations are about transferring an idea from your mind to the audience’s mind. It’s simple to do if you follow these tips.

Jump to 4:55 in the video above for elaboration on each point.
  • Center your talk on one major idea.
  • Give listeners a reason to care, such as curiosity.
  • Build your idea piece by piece with simple concepts.

  • Make sure your idea is one worth sharing.

The actual mechanics of public speaking - Tips from Toastmasters.
  • Know your subject well and rehearse.
  • Know your audience and location space.

  • Never apologize for minor mistakes.

  • Imagine yourself giving a great speech.
  • Focus on your message, not yourself.

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