Sunday, December 17, 2017

5 Lessons My Mentors Taught Me - Robin Sharma

If you don't have a mentor, you're not experiencing the focus, productivity, prosperity and peak success you deserve... ..Steve Jobs had his father. A master craftsman who, via his daily example, showed young Steve the absolute importance of OAD: an Obsessive Attention to Detail. Pelé, the iconic football star, also had his dad. A janitor by day, who was eminently skilled with a soccer ball in the evening. Robin Sharma, the legendary leadership + personal mastery expert, has been blessed with a series of mentors who have revealed important insights to him, modelled peak behaviors and taught valuable moves that ultimately rewired his pro and personal life. In this idea-rich episode from Robin's massively popular Mastery Sessions podcast, he will walk you through why you need to get a mentor this week and the benefits that will show up for you in business + life once you do. In this video, you'll learn: #1. Why finding a mentor is a game-changer. #2. Simple daily steps for authentic (versus fake) success. #3. The importance of being an outcast [if you want to own your game and lift the world]. If you're ready to think like a leader and have the mindset of a legend, here's a potent [and free] learning resource Robin is making available for a limited time to help you fly: If you're ready to x25 your business + personal results, get onto the waiting list for Robin's famous LIVE event Personal Mastery Academy here: Get the mp3 of this episode here: More Resources If You're Ready to Go Deeper: Robin loves helping + serving... --if you want a potent learning tool to rewire your mindset [and heartset] so you stay strong and undefeatable, Robin has created The Mental Mastery Toolkit. Zero cost. Just use it and share it. Get it here: --to join the millions of people who watch Robin's Mastery Sessions podcast, subscribe here?: - Again, a free [and handcrafted] resource with superb content. --if you want to attend Personal Mastery Academy in June this year, definitely get onto the waiting list here: - Robin would love to work with you over these 2 life-changing days. Follow Robin on Instagram: Instagram: Stay Connected: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: #LWT #RobinSharma #MasterySessions LWT RobinSharma MasterySessions

Robin Sharma

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