Friday, February 14, 2020

"A laugh a day keeps the doctor away"

"A laugh a day keeps the doctor away" is a dictum the Marx Brothers would happily swear by. Besides doctors, laughter also keeps lawsuits at bay. No kidding! In the 1940s, the Marx Bros made a film titled Night in Casablanca. Whereupon they received a notice from Warner Bros threatening to sue the Marx Brothers if the latter didn't change the name of their film. Warner Bros felt aggrieved as they already had a hit film entitled Casablanca. The Marx Bros responded by saying that they would be suing Warner Bros if the latter didn't drop Bros from their name since the Marx Bros were born before the Warners!

Predictably, Warner Bros saw sense. 
Small wonder then that many medical practitioners have advocated a happy, positive mindset as a means to healthy living. When Sir Heneage Ogilvie, a specialist at Guy's Hospital, London, made a statement in the 1950s that "a happy man never gets cancer", he was speaking from years of experience, although he knew his words weren't an inflexible fact and there could be exceptions. 

A man with a cheerful disposition has the ability to instantly light up a room full of solemn people. If disease can be contagious, laughter is doubly so. Laughter can also act as a catharsis in various emotional disorders. Which is why laughter clubs are mushrooming in metropolitan cities with their aficionados visiting parks in the early morning to indulge in their day's quota of a bellyful of uproarious laughter. 

And the best thing about laughter as a therapy is… it's free! Enjoy!
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