Friday, April 10, 2020

4 Essential Skills Always Worth Learning

To give you some ideas on what to learn, I’m going to share with you four skills that I believe can help you prepare for the future.  These skills can help you find new opportunities and adapt to new situations.
Here they are:
1. Writing
Like it or not, how people value you depends on how you communicate yourself. You might have the skills, but if you can’t communicate yourself well, people will still doubt your value. That’s why the first two skills that I list here are communication skills. Communication skills are just as important today as they were a hundred years ago.
The first one of them is writing. If you haven’t done anything about it, I encourage you to upgrade your writing skills. 
To improve your writing skills, consider starting your own blog. Or you could start a personal journal. You might also want to read the books that I recommend below.

2. Public Speaking
The second one of the communication skills is your speaking skills. In particular, I’d like to encourage you to improve your public speaking skills. This is how you can share your ideas in front of many people.

3. Coding
Learning to code is becoming more and more popular today. There is a good reason for that: it can help you make the most of the technology around you. The fact is, many things around us have computer code behind them, so knowing how to code can help you a lot.
You don’t need to learn advanced coding. You could start with just HTML and CSS, the languages for building simple websites. With these two, you will be able to build and edit your own website if you want to.

4. Online marketing
The last skill that I want to share with you is online marketing. More and more things are sold online these days, so having online marketing knowledge can help you sell whatever it is you have. This includes building your personal brand.

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