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How to get inspired to live a great life - (sources of daily inspiration)

Who said we should wait for inspiration to come?
Most people think it’s a rare state that only creative people know. And they don’t even want to believe that we can live an inspired life every single day just by changing our attitude and starting to see things from another point of view.
I was like that some time ago.
Then I realized that in every little thing around us, in every event, person and emotion, there is beauty, there is meaning, and a story behind it.
And if we ignore our prejudices and let go of judging and comparing, we can find a source of inspiration in almost anything.

Here are 15 great sources of daily inspiration:
1. Nature 
We don’t spend enough time in nature these days and that’s a sign that we’re drifting away from it.
Start going for a walk more often, just to breathe deeply and look around. You’ll see nature’s beauty, you’ll feel more alive and connected to it, and eventually you’ll be inspired.

2. Music
One song can create so many emotions, memories and feelings. Choose songs that make you more energetic, ready to do something with your life and motivate you. That’s when music is used as a source of inspiration.

3. Going for a run
Going jogging has something magical in it. The only thing you need to do is overcome procrastination and laziness, put on your running shoes and just go out.
I did it the other day (haven’t done it in months) and felt amazing. It was like all the stress, negativism and pressure in my body was gone. I started doing sprints and felt free, contented and somehow relieved. Give it a try.

4. Travel
The moment you leave your country is the moment you realize the world is a giant book and you’ve only seen the first page.
When you travel, you expand your horizons, become open-minded, see different and unusual things, feel in a way you’ve never felt before, see amazing places and world’s phenomena, meet interesting people and learn about their cultures.
If that doesn’t inspire you to the fullest, I don’t know what will.

5. Acts of kindness
You can’t really feel the benefits of giving, sharing and being kind to others, if you haven’t done it.
By doing it I mean giving without expecting anything in return, giving with the goal of showing compassion, doing something for others and helping them.
Once you see how you change their lives and become the reason for their smile, once you see the hope back in their eyes, you’ll feel inspired to keep doing that.

6. Children
One of the best sources of inspiration.
Spending some time with a child, listening to what she has to say, feeling her innocence and honesty, seeing how she laughs and is happy for no actual reason and is always curious and wants something new and interesting, might just make you realize how we’ve lost the child in us.
And will, of course, make you reconsider your values. You’d think twice before you take life for granted and spend another day in worries, fears and complaints.

7. Strangers
If you overcome your shyness, fear of being judged and not being approved and start talking to strangers more often, you can learn a lot about life.
It’s unbelievable how many things people can tell you in half an hour and how this can affect your way of thinking. Seeing other points of view and hearing about other people’s experience is really useful.
Also, their stories are inspirational and will make you do something exciting with your life.

8. New skills
To keep being inspired, never stop acquiring new skills. It doesn’t really matter whether you’ll master them or not, it’s all about the journey and finding yourself throughout it.
Learn new languages, learn how to cook, write poems, practice new sports, go hiking, start swimming, improve your computer skills, etc.

I love reading quotes and believe that they can be a great source of inspiration. There’s so much wisdom in the words of the most successful people in the history and of today.

10. Meditation
The act of sitting still for a short time, emptying your mind and just focusing on your breathing, has a powerful effect on your mind, body and soul.
Sounds easy but with the hectic lifestyle we have, it can be quite difficult. Give it a try by doing it for just a few minutes each day. Soon you’ll get used to it and will be able to practice it for longer. You will then see how beneficial it can be for you.

11. Morning routines
Get up early, have a healthy breakfast, meditate, plan your day, have some time for yourself to write or read in silence. That’s a beautiful morning routine that can kickstart your day and make you a positive, energetic and motivated person.

12. Videos
Watching inspirational videos online has a huge effect on our levels of motivation. I suggest you watch TED talks of your choice and let the innovative ideas of creative people be your inspiration.

13. Books 
An inspiring book telling a beautiful story of someone’s ups and downs in life, a great person’s biography, a poem, or just tips on personal development, can give you the momentum you need to realize certain things about your life and take some serious decisions.

14. Facing your fears
Challenging yourself and trying to overcome what scares you by simply doing it can build character, make you more courageous and ready to explore what the world has to offer.

15. Positive people
Try to surround yourself with those who are always positive, who have energy that inspires. And ignore the ones who are constantly complaining, negative and in a bad mood and make you feel upset whenever you’re around them.

What other sources of daily inspiration have you tried and can think of?

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