Wednesday, April 8, 2020

What is the importance of Nutrition

Definition of Nutrition

The American heritage dictionary defines  Nutrition  as a Combination of dynamic process by which the consumed food is utilized for nourishment and structural and functional efficiency of every cell of the Body.

Community nutrition efforts involve a wide range of programs that provide increased access to food resources, nutrition information and education, and health-care related care.

Why is it important to know about public health nutrition?

Adequate food and balanced nutrient intake are basic necessities for life, health and well being. Adequate nutrition is especially important in periods of rapid growth and development.Poor Nutrition during pregnancy, infancy, childhood and adolescence can mean stunted physical, mental and social development with lifelong consequences. 

Dietary factors are associated with five of the leading causes of death.

1)Coronary Heart Disease
2)Some types of cancer (colon cancer)
4)Non-insulin dependent diabetes (type 2 diabetes), and

Currently attention is focused on total caloric intake; amount and type of fat; vitamins such as folic acid and the antioxidants of Vitamins A, C and E; minerals such as calcium.

Overweight and obesity an important contributing factor for disease and disability.

Behavior is Challenging

Nutrition Behavior (Food Selection, preparation and consumption) is the product of:

Food Availability
Social Strata
Health Status

Nutritional status depends on all those factors plus biological and genetic factors

Guiding all members of the population toward more healthful food choices and optimum nutritional health is a great challenge. And doing so early enough to prevent the development of disease is a goal of public health nutrition.

Meeting this challenge requires the use of multiple, reinforcing behavior change strategies, including food and nutrition information and education.

other Strategies include:-

1) Structuring the environment to enable positive food choices (e.g., juice machines replace pop machines)
2)Modifying Food ingredients and preparation techniques to reduce fat content
3)Improving the availability of foods such as fruits and vegetables, and
4)Enacting legislation and regulation (such as required labels on food packages)

Consequences of undernourished conditions:-

1) Impaired immune responses
2) Reduced muscle strength and fatigue
3)Increased difficulties in breathing
4)Impaired thermoregulation
5)Impaired Wound healing
6)Apathy, depression and self-neglect
7)Poor libido
8)Longer Hospital Stay
9)Higher Health Costs
10)Higher Morbidity
11)Higher Mortality

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