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Amazing Qualifiers - The Essence of Dharma - 2

The Essence of Dharma - Vemana Satakam was composed by “Kumaragiri Vemareddy” popularly known as Yogi Vemana, a 14th century Telugu poet. A poet of the people, a philosopher of equality and a fighting saint, his poems were a direct comment on the social structure at that time, which are relevant even to contemporary society. Only parts and meaning of the poem described and repetitive lines avoided.

 In every atom the entire world is there,
 And that atom is again within itself,
 And the man who can control his mind, attains liberation,

 It is great joy when our child grows up,
 And becomes obedient and respectful to elders,
 But if he is not like that, it is a cause of worry

 The head of the village knows who is lying,
 And God knows about those who tell the truth,
 And the gluttony of husband is known to his wife,

Serving masters who do not know your worth,
Would only lead to a life full of delusion,
For would a barren cow ever give milk?

There are men who sell milk adding water to it,
There is a bird which can separate milk from water,
That swan is indeed nobler than that man,

Even if you grow neem with love, by irrigating it with milk,
The bitterness would not reduce and it would not be sweet,
An evil person would never turn in to a good wise person,

 A fish can move long distance in water,
 But it cannot move even one and half feet outside,
 The strength of its situation is more important to it, than its own strength

 Among all charity, charity of food is greatest,
 No one is more superior than your own mother,
 And no one is better than our own guru,

 Saving money by avoiding charity,
 Saving food without eating it ,
 Is like bee collecting honey for the passerby

The pepper appears black to see ,
 But when you bite it, it tingles your tastebuds,
 And the good people have their separate essence,

Though visible, he does not recognise them,
Though it is heard, he does not understand them,
This is the state of person who has wealth,

What is written in paper is known to all,
 The lines in the hand can be deciphered,
 But even a learned one cannot recognise, the writing under the skin,

 It is possible to examine and study many epics,
 It is possible to utter very many words,
 But it is difficult indeed to be patient,

The Ganges flows with peace towards ocean,
The gutter canal flows making great noise ,
 A mean person cannot be peaceful like a noble person,

Not understanding what comes definitely goes,
 And death is a natural process that comes,
 If one roams recklessly around as per his wish,
 It is like an insect jumping and flying and falling in fire.

 If you give shelter to a very mean person,
 You would enter in to needless trouble,
 As it is like a fly entering your stomach and causing discomfort,

Having a stone inside shoe or flying insect inside ear,
Or having a dust inside the eye or thorn in the feet,
Or quarrel in the home all cause great discomfort,

A mean person always brags about himself,
A good man always speaks with composure,
The sound produced by gold is different from that of bronze,

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