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Amazing Qualifiers - The Essence of Dharma - 3

The Essence of Dharma - Vemana Satakam was composed by “Kumaragiri Vemareddy” popularly known as Yogi Vemana, a 14th century Telugu poet. A poet of the people, a philosopher of equality and a fighting saint, his poems were a direct comment on the social structure at that time, which are relevant even to contemporary society. Only parts and meaning of the poem described and repetitive lines avoided.

God does not differ from one place to another,
For He is always within your body,
Riding on your self and controlling the horses

Even if you teach the bull for a year,
It would understand you and behave properly,
But an adamant person will not learn even in thirty years

Though the body is transient, the wealth is transient,
It cannot be easily realized by any body,
It can be told to others but difficult to practice

What if human beings without any feeling of generosity,
 Are born in this world or dead in this world,
 They are termites being born or dead in ant hills

What is the point in bathing in water, offer treasures,
 And offer salutations to the Gods, If they are done
 By dishonest people whose mind is filled with evil?

If rains are absent, famine occurs,
If rains are in plenty flood occurs,
But please realize that they occur one after another

Though salt and camphor look alike,
They do taste very different, and like that
Though people look similar, the virtuous are different

All base qualities in a person would be destroyed,
If he has conversation with virtuous people,
Just like bad smell disappearing when scent is brought 

However much one studies and however much one hears good,
A mean individual can never become other than mean,
Would washing coal with milk, turn it in to white?

The person who admits his ignorance is always appreciated in this world,
But the one who admits to be ready to learn would also be blamed,
But the one who keeps silent is considered as greatly wise

Any one who keeps company of undesirable person,
Is also considered as undesirable in this world,
It is something like drinking milk below a toddy palm

Just like large black faced monkeys catch hold
Small monkeys and dress it up in new cloths and respect it,
Worthless people flock around useless people

If a person with mental deficiency is given power,
He would dismiss all efficient people from position of power,
Just like a dog which chews a slipper, does not know taste of sugarcane

If the bottom of a wealthy man gets sore,
It would become a news all over the world,
But even if a marriage takes place in a poor family, no one notices it

Due to desire, all their life humans
Wander all around with false hopes,
Like flies swarming round a dirty pot

A loveless feast is wasteful cooking of special dishes,
A devotionless worship is waste of sacred leaves,
A charity without knowing worth of receiver is waste of gold

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