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Exploring the Mystical Powers of Water

When most people think about water, they're thinking about something to drink, or perhaps that hot, steamy and refreshing liquid that funnels out of the showerhead to remove the grit and grime after a long day's work.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is not one of those people. He believes that water reveals hidden messages and reacts to human thoughts, music, emotions, prayers and written words.

The co-founder of Epiphany Works, Gina Hillier, contacted Emoto in hopes of bringing him to the Pittsburgh area to demonstrate his almost incomprehensible beliefs.
"Our goal is basically to show people things they've never done before, whether we create it or bring someone in," Hillier explained.

"Dr. Emoto is one of those such people, and we're honored to have him visiting. He's touching a nerve and his message is so simple yet universal, that water has intelligence. What he basically does is use scientific methods to prove that thoughts change the chemistry of water."

The well-known Japanese scientist became interested in water at a very young age.
"When I was a child, I learned from my mother that 'water is a reflection of your soul,'" Emoto explained.

"In remembering that experience, I decided to embark on this current research for and with water."

Emoto has been on a non-stop quest for two decades and was internationally recognized through his breakthrough film, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" He believes that almost everything is affected by water, including tsunamis and hurricanes on a deeper level than is obvious. He feels that everyone should be learning much more about the importance of water's impact on everyday life.

"Water is essential to life, but how long have we been ignorant about water? Forever," Emoto stated. "I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that people are really ignorant when it comes to water."

A few examples of the main questions Emoto feels people should be looking into: Why we can't live a single day without water? How can water dissolve anything? Why is water the heaviest at 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit?

While these questions can be answered in a scientific fashion, Emoto feels the root of the mystery has not been uncovered in an adequate way.

Learn how a glass of water can change everything...

Emoto points to the fact that NASA has confirmed that all of the water on Earth actually came from outer space in the form of ice comets.

"This information was reported over eight years ago, yet no one takes it seriously," Emoto said. "This is because if this finding was accepted, all the theories that have been discovered in modern science in the past will be nullified. This is particularly (important) because if this theory is accepted as a fact, then it means that humans really came from outer space.

"Furthermore, this forces our thinking to leave the parameters of science and enter the realm of God or other spiritual reasoning, which is one of the most despised thought process by scientists."

Another concern of Emoto's is that the Earth is losing the battle to hold so much water.

He says NASA has concluded that ice comets are about usually 100 tons and nearly 10 million of them hit the earth every year. Due to the influx of water, Emoto predicts many more natural disasters, along with the concern of global warming.

"What I can theorize is that Earth is now acting like a full sponge and can no longer absorb enough water," Emoto explained.

"I am seriously worried that a part of this Earth really will be consumed by water and disappear, just like in the case of the continents Mu and Atlantis."

Emoto believes that water is so powerful that it can create havoc merely as a result human thoughts. One of his studies consists of taking photographs of water crystals by two photographers; one who is at peace and another who is agitated.

When the feeling of what Emoto calls "Love and Thanks" was sent to the water, the crystal formation was at its best and the most beautiful. On the other hand, ugly water crystals formed when when negative feelings were sent toward the water.

Part of this research has lead Emoto to the conclusion that humans are responsible for some water-related natural disasters.

"Are modern day people living a life on a daily basis that is full of 'Love and Thanks' energy? The answer is no," Emoto stated.
"We are all immersed in fear and resentment and are living a life that is full of gluttony."

The renowned water researcher concludes that our water will reflect those feelings and retaliate, possibly wreaking havoc in more areas if people do not come together, live in harmony and respect the water.

Emoto uses Einstein's theory of relativity, E=mc2 for his water research, believing the 'm' represents the number of people and the 'c' equals consciousness.

As far as healing powers go, Emoto believes that water has true powers when one realizes that the origin of every phenomenon can be traced back to vibrations.

"Vibration can only travel through water," Emoto explained. "All illnesses are created when a particular vibration is corrupted. The best way to heal this irregularity is to apply the same irregular frequency vibrational wave pattern so that this relationship will cancel out the bad vibration and condition that followed."

Due to the fact that humans are made mostly of water, Emoto feels that water has the ability to change things around the world and for mankind because water is a reflection of the soul.
"I believe water is a reflection of all human consciousness," Emoto said. "Therefore, the current tragedies around the world that are caused by water are a result of the unbalance in the culture, economy and politics."

By Kate Canan 
Source: Gateway Newspapers

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