Thursday, September 14, 2017

5 Comfort Zone KILLERS - How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Today we're talking about the one thing EVERYONE watching needs.: The skill of breaking out of your comfort zone
Real quick: this video intended to be a recap of strategies you already know — to serve as a reminder to use them! I'd recommend you find 1-3 of these strategies and test them out.
1. Try Something
ANYTHING. New — find your passion by just trying things. Embrace the unknown. i.e. Was I passionate about men's hair products? Was I passionate about talking about internet marketing/digital courses? — I’d argue the obscure passions (not everyone’s doing or has) are the ones that FIND YOU. No great time to travel the world — you have to go for it. No Great time to start a business — go for it. Who’s permission do you need? As you expand, so does your capacity! Elastic. You are elastic and malleable.
2. Dynamic Tension:
Rubber Band: Capable doing vs. Actually doing. (too much= jump out of plane w.o. parachute). WOSM: “Get HONEST with your TRUE edge. Lean just beyond it.” i.e. I’m counting calories for the first time. Get honest with actual calories I need. Brutally honest, not what I think I need, estimated — actual numbers. Then…. push yourself. Eat LESS. Lean just BEYOND that TRUE edge = results.
3. The 3 Second Rule:
Area we can all relate to with comfort zone: DATING. In an older video, I told you the story of asking out my girlfriend. Outside of my comfort zone. Used the 3-second rule on that situation and just hit SEND. Still dating 3-years later.
4. Be Active, Not Passive
What in life just get’s handed to you? What in life don’t you have to work for? Everyone watching RIGHT now has dreams, has goals, has ambition. You want to refuse to settle. Sounds obvious, but you HAVE to move towards them! Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
5. Project outward:
What will it look like if you don't take action? Courage not the absence of fear, courage is taking action in spite of it. Don’t be afraid to go ALL in. It’s okay if you fail because you went ALL in. Always learn way more. “Is this the thing I feared?” Project out the WORST possible outcome that could happen. Write them down! Not as bad or hard to solve as you think.

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