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Learn, Relax and Enjoy

Here is a Ball for Baby

Here is a ball for baby.        (form a ball shape with hands)      Big and soft and round.
Here is baby's hammer (hit one fist into the palm of the other hand)   See how it can pound.
Here is baby's music                                   (clap hands)                          Clapping, Clapping so.
And here are baby's building blocks  (put fingers up one by one)      Standing in a row.
This is baby's trumpet,(form trumpet with a clenched fist held to mouth)Toot, toot, toot, toot, tooot.
And this is the way that baby plays Peek a boo!    (hide face in
Here is baby's umbrella,     (hold a pretend umbrella over head)        To keep her nice and dry
And this is baby's dolly,      (cradle pretend dolly in arms)                    Rock a rock a bye.

1)She was the youngest ___ ever to win an election. a. candidate  b. applicant                           c. trainee
2)Someone who betrays their country is called a ___.   a. caretaker             b. carpenter   c. traitor
3)The opening ___ was held on Sunday. a. festival    b. ceremony
4)The downhill event was ___ by the American. a. win      b. won
5)The skier went ___ the starting gate. a. through      b. though
6)The downhill event was ___ for the day because of heavy snow. a. given up      b. abandoned
7)The person in ___ place gets the bronze medal. a. three      b. third
8)The Winter Olympics are ___ every four years. a. held      b. hold
9)The world record for speed skating was ___ many time at the 1998 Nagano Olympics. 
    a. dropped      b. broken
10)The ___ gave the figure skaters a perfect score. a. judges      b. referees
11)Osaka, Japan wants to ___ the 2008 Summer Olympics. a. host      b. entertain

Gods and Demons
A little boy asked his father : "Daddy, what is the difference between gods and demons?"
The father said to the little boy: "Son, I will organise a big banquet at our residence where I will invite both the gods and the demons. At the end of the banquet you will get your answer."And the father sent out invitations to both the gods and the demons. On the appointed day, a most lavish banquet was organised and hundreds of gods and hundreds of demons arrived at the house.
The demons were an impatient lot, disorganised and noisy. They asked the host that they wanted VIP treatment, and therefore wanted to have their food served first to the demons and the gods must eat last.
The host agreed to their request on one condition that the demons tie wooden planks to both hands when eating. The demons said that if the same condition was also applied to the gods as well then they had no objection to tying the wooden planks on both their hands when eating.
All the demons had wooden planks tied to both their hands and they immediately sat on the floor, seating one next to the other in one straight line. They were all very eager to be served with delicious food.
The first course of food arrived. It was the best smelling soup in a bowel with spoon. Now when the demons got spoons filled with the soup, they realised that they could not bend their hands to bring the spoons to their mouths. They tried to lift their hands over their heads and tilt the spoons with their mouths wide open. They got the soup falling in their eyes and all over the face and also on their expensive garments.
The demons got noisier, became angry and started swearing at the host. Some of the demons wanted to beat up the host. Some demons tried to restrain the other demons and they started fighting among themselves. The demons agreed that it was totally useless for them to remain at this banquet as it was not possible to eat the food without bending their hands. It was impossible to eat the food without messing up their beautiful and expensive garments. With angry words the demons left the banquet.
Now it was the turn of the gods to eat. The gods were of a peaceful nature. They also sat in a line on the floor. Both their hands were also tied with wooden planks. When the first course of food was served, which was the delicious soup, the gods first recited the food prayer. The gods realised that they could not bend their hands, and therefore it was impossible to eat the soup.
Each of the gods thought: "Never mind if I cannot eat the soup, but let me be of help to my fellow brother who is seated next to me."
The gods turned towards each other and started feeding each other. They thus enjoyed the most delicious soup. Then the next course of meal was served and they enjoyed that delicious meal. They went through five course meals and ate to their hearts content. They thanked the host, presented the host with gifts they had brought, and peacefully went back to their homes.
The son was observing all that happened. The father told him that a major difference between the gods and the demons was the difference in their attitude of ‘Giving’ and the attitude of ‘Taking.’ The demons thought only about their individual self-interest whereas the gods thought about selflessly serving others. When you open your heart and give selflessly, you receive also much more than you give.
There are two broad principles governing human action. The first of the two principles is based on the attitude of GIVING. The second is based on the attitude of TAKING.
If the attitude of TAKING prevails in a society you will find its members possessed with multifold selfish demands and desires. Consequently, there is struggle, stress and strain in that society with crimes, robbery, rapes, corruption, inconsiderate selfish behaviour, becoming prevalent at national, community, family and individual levels.
Let their attitude change to GIVING. Their demands and desires drop their selfishness. Harmony, peace and happiness will reign in that very same society. The dignity of human race is founded upon the principle of GIVING. Life is to give, not to take. One ought not to demand from society. Perhaps one's only right in the world is to give, to serve. To serve one and all. Serve the nation, serve the society, the family and yourself. This is the first of the elements of right living. We need to do service to maintain our proper spiritual well being. While the physical body resorts to service, the mind must embrace the world with love.
This is the second element of right living. All our emotions must be amalgamated into a mass of universal love. Our pleasures and pains are identical with those of our fellow creatures. This is true love.

Direct Questions
1)Whom do you admire most? In what way does that person inspire you?
2)Would you be willing to be extremely ugly physically if it meant you would live for 1000 years at any physical age you chose?
3)If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or quality, what would it be?
4)If you knew of a way to use your estate, following your death, greatly benefit humanity, would you do it and leave only a minimal amount to your family?
5)What is your most treasured memory?
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