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Learn, Relax and Enjoy

One cold, frosty day in the middle of winter a colony of ants was busy drying out some, grains of corn, which had grown damp during the wet autumn weather.
A grasshopper half dead with cold and hunger, came up to one of the ants. "Please give me a grail or two from your store of corn to save my life," he said faintly.
"We worked day and night to get this corn in. Why should I give it to you?" asked the ant crossly. "Whatever were you doing all last summer when you should have been gathering your food?"
Oh I didn't have time for things like that, said the grasshopper. "I was far too busy singing to carry corn about."                                   
The ant laughed unkindly. "In that case you can sing all winter as far as I am concerned," he said. And without another word he turned back to his work.

 1.        flibbertigibbet: a silly, flighty, or excessively talkative person.
 2.        vet: to subject to thorough appraisal; to evaluate.
 3.        acme: the highest point of something.
 4.        efface: to cause to disappear by rubbing out, striking out, etc.
 5.        stanch: to stop the flowing of; to check.
 6.        aggress: to make an attack.
 7.        excursus: a digression.
 8.        cataract: a large waterfall; also, a downpour, a flood.
 9.        mazy: resembling a maze in form or complexity; intricate; confusing.
10.       entreat: to ask for or request earnestly.

/m/ -- mice, some, swim, ham                     Mum made me move my models
 /n/ -- night, warn, win, ran                         There was no one on the moon on the ninth of  June
/ɧ/ -- sung, king, thing                                 Young King Kong was stronger than strong
/əʋ/ -- boat, blows, coast, bowl      
Rose knows Joe phones Sophie, but Sophie and Joe don’t know Rose knows.
/ɒ/ -- want, lock, got, fond                            John wants to watch Walter wash the dog
/θ/ -- thick, both, three                                  Martha Smith’s an author and an athlete
/   / -- breathe, then, than                            My father and mother live together with my other brother
/ʌ/ -- shut, much, luck                                  My mother’s brother’s my uncle; my uncle’s son‘s my cousin
/ʊ/ -- look, pull, full, good                            That cook couldn’t cook if he didn’t look at the cook book
/u:/ -- fool, rude, boot                                   Sue knew too few new tunes on the flute

Someone who works on the land, growing things is called a                                Farmer
Something you like the most is your                                                                      Favourite
To apply for any thing you have to fill out an application                                        Form
A thick kind of mist for which London is famous is                                                  Fog
Someone who acts silly or is a bit stupid is called a                                                 Fool
Two weeks is also called a                                                                                      Fortnight
Something which is easily broken or damaged is                                                    Fragile
Light brown marks on the skin are called                                                                   Freckles
Something given away for no money is                                                                     Free
Cooking in hot fat is called                                                                                            Frying

There are some mistakes in the following passage. See if you can correct them. 
1)On Saturday the weather was wonderful so I did go for a walk with two friend of me. We went to the park and feed the ducks at the duck pond.
On Saturday the weather was wonderful so I went for a walk with two friends of mine. We went to the park and fed the ducks at/on the duck pond.
2)After that we went too a café and drinked a coffee.I also eated a slice of cake.
After that we went to a café and drank a coffee.I also ate a slice of cake.
3)I leaved the café earlier than the others because I have arranged to go on the cinema with my cousin.
I left the café earlier than the others because I had  arranged to go to the cinema with my cousin.
4)We watch Spiderman and we enjoy it very many.
We watched Spiderman and we enjoyed it very much.
5)As the film ended we both went home.
After/When the film (had) ended we both went home.

Fill in the missing words. For some of the blanks there are a few possibilities.
.....(1) Saturday I went .....(2) the theatre to watch (1) on, last (2) to a play. After .....(3) I met .....(4) friend in a pub (3) that, it (4) a, my  and we .....(5) a drink and a chat. (5) had, drank   We .....(6) the pub at 11pm and walked .....(7) the train (6) left (7) to  station where my friend .....(8) the train home. (8) took, caught, got   I ....(9) the bus and got home half ....(10)hour later.(9) took, caught, got(10) an
after .… (11) a cup.... (12) coffee I .... (13) to bed. (11) drinking, having (12) of (13) went  

Joke: Two workers meet one day in the canteen. One says to the other, "Have you heard the news?
The Managing Director of the company died at  the weekend."
The other replies, "Yes, I know. But I want to know who died with him?"
"What do you mean, who died with him?" asks  the first.
"Well, in the paper it said that with him died one of the company's best workers, and I want
to know who it was."

Finding the leader in you - a self assessment. These questions contain two options.Indicate the answer that best describes YOU.If you hesitate on a question, choose the first answer that comes to mind. There are no right or wrong answers.

1)To you, an effective manager:   
should consider carefully the technical aspects and issues involved
basically evaluates the overall scope of a project

 2)You find it more stimulating to:             
follow a long-term strategy
seek quick results

 3)You make decisions:                  
in a rather intuitive and even instinctive manner
usually with detachment and objectivity

4)The verb that describes you best is:                 

5)You could be criticized for:                                
being too trusting                
being too bossy

6)Above all, managing is:  
 achieving results on time
 rallying people around the enterprise’s project

7)To solve a problem:                     
you like to try out new methods, even if they are risky
you basically rely on proven methods

8)Which is most like you:              
knowing the goals and limitations
knowing the processes and products

9)You prefer things that are:         
potential and latent
tangible and factual

10)Choose your pastime:              
yoga or martial arts
the theater or improvisation

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