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Learn, Relax and Enjoy

There are quite a few mistakes in the following passage.See if you can find and correct them.
1) Today it's May 8 and this week is a quiet week at work, but before two weeks it is April 24 and I was very busy.
Today it's May 8 and this week is a quiet week at work,but two weeks ago it was April 24 and I was very busy.
2)I had lots of classes to teach - any of them with large groups and any of them with small groups.
I had lots of classes to teach - some of them with large groups and some of them with small groups.
)I had a new groups of students and say to them, "Welcome in the English course. I am hoping you will liking it."
I had a new groups of students and said to them, "Welcome to the English course. I hope you will like it."
)I teach one of the groups since four years.
I have taught one of the groups for four years.
5)Most of my classes are in the ground floor, but some of them are in the first floor.
Most of my classes are on the ground floor, but some of them are on the first floor

Complete the following sentences by adding the correct preposition of time: in, at or on.
1) Daniela moved to Vienna .... 1998.(in)
2) Did you go to the cinema ..... Monday evening?(on)
3) Let's meet ..... 8.30 tomorrow evening.(at)
4) Anita is starting her new job ..... 7 June.(on)
5) Do you work ..... Saturdays?(on)
6) I got up ..... 8 o'clock this morning.(at)
7) We went to a great party ..... New Year's Eve.(on)
8) Chris isn't here ..... the moment.(at)
9) It snows a lot ..... winter.(in)
10) I got married ..... October.(in)
11) I met Julia while I was on holiday ..... Austria.(in)
12) I don't believe everything I read ..... newspapers.(in)
13) My boss is ..... holiday this week.(on)
14) Regine's office is ..... the second floor.(on)
15) The lift is ..... the end of the corridor.(at)
16) Peter met a friend ..... the way to work.(on)
17) Wolfgang is ..... a meeting.(in)
18) I met Christian ..... the train.(on)
19) There weren't many people ..... the party.(at)
20)I work for the best company ..... the world!(in)

Finding the leader in you - a self assessment. These questions contain two options.Indicate the answer that best describes YOU.If you hesitate on a question, choose the first answer that comes to mind. There are no right or wrong answers.

1)When a decision needs to be made:    
you try to reach a consensus at any cost
you often have the last word

2)You tend to prefer:                       
effectiveness and output
inter-personal skills and collegiality

3)Which among this is the “most acceptable fault”?    
being excessively prudent
systematically questioning what already exists

4)If you must present a product to your team or a customer, you follow the rule of:
clarity and precision are worth more than approximations
make a general outline then get to the heart of the matter

5)In your approach to the market, you consider yourself to be:          
rather realistic
rather anticipative and strategic

6)Which is the best compliment?              
he (she) is a very dynamic person
he (she) is very cool and collected

7)You are a master at the art of:                            
getting straight to the point
presenting well in order to charm

8)Choose your maxim:                    
you should stick to what you know
If you want something done right you have to do it yourself

9)If you had to choose a new employee, you would put priority on:
his code of ethics and capacity to be part of the group
his abilities and personal efficiency

10)Which quality is better?            
the desire for change                      
moderation and wisdom

Professional Telephone Etiquettes !!!

Transferring calls
A) Explain the reason for the transfer-("Let me connect you with Mr. Heron in that department). Use the name of the person you are transferring to whenever possible.
B) Know the transfer instructions for the telephone system so that you do not cut off your caller!

Handling complaints by phone
A) Listen carefully.
B) Convey sincere interest and be empathetic.
C) Agree as often as possible.
D) Remain calm and courteous. DO NOT ARGUE!
E) Do not interrupt unless the person needs to talk to another person or department.
F) Do not blame co-workers.
G) Explain clearly and be anxious to solve the problem or correct mistakes.
H) Do not make unrealistic promises.
I) Apologize. Be sure to say I'm sorry. To a customer that is more sincere than we are sorry.
J) Act fast. Acting quickly shows that you are sorry and that you will handle the issue.
K) Follow up. Get back to the caller to make sure the problem has be solved.

True Happiness – Alfred Edward Newton
If the world affords true happiness, it is to be found in a home where love and confidence increase with years, where the necessities of life come without severe strain where luxuries enter only after their cost has been carefully considered.

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