Monday, October 30, 2017

Learn, Relax and Enjoy

1 - I'm sorry; I must have taken your umbrella by ..........

Chance          reminder        error                mistake
2 - Her main ....... to the plan is the high cost
Obstacle                    objection                    objective        avoidance
3 - Would you mind .......... the window?
Open              to open           opening                     be open
4 - ........ the appalling weather, they managed to get to work on time
In spite of       Even though             Whereas        Nevertheless
5 - It took them a long time to ....... the shock
get on             get by             get over                      get to
6 - Everybody ........ John left on time
Apart               except                        without           exception
7 - I'll be leaving ........
Brief                lately               awhile                        shortly
8 - The shop has not been successful so they are going to have a closing ...... sale
Down             in                     up                   off
9 - There wasn't ........ to be done, so I left early
Everything                 anything                    nothing                      something
10 - He spent ages ........ out the answer
Work               to work           working                      worked
11 - He's very ......... about his lack of progress
worried           sick     worrying         tired
12 - I'd ..... it if you took them with you today
rather              sooner            better              prefer
13 - He had an evil ..... in his eye
glint                glimpse                      glance                        stare
14 - My phone was ......... because I forgot to pay the bill
put off             let off              cut off             set off
15 - I've been ringing them for ages and still haven't got .......
Through         over                by        in
16 - ........ he did, he still found it too difficult
Even               No matter       Whatever       Still
17 - If I ......... her, I would have told her about the party
Saw                would have seen     did see           had seen
18 - The shop has a wide ...... of goods
Rate                choice                        store               range
19 - When you come over, can you ..... me back my videos?
Bring              fetch               take                 send

Water at zero degrees centigrade starts to form                                                         Ice
If something is against the law, it is                                                                             Illegal
A little word which means the opposite of out is                                                       In
The coloured liquid inside of a pen is called                                                             Ink
A small moving thing which has six legs and either crawls, jumps, walks or flies is called an     Insect
Something used in a band that makes sound is called an                                     Instrument
A word which means 'between countries' and is often used in an Airport name   International
Someone or something that comes from Ireland is                                                  Irish
A piece of land which is completely surrounded by water is an                            Island
The opposite of outside is                                                                                       Inside

Select the sentence which you think is correct.
1)         a He is interesting in the exhibition.         b He is interested in the    exhibition.   
c He is interesting on the exhibition.        d He is interested on the exhibition.
2)         a She's going on holiday to Italy next month.
 b She's going in holiday to Italy next month.     c She's going for holiday to Italy next month.
3)         a On Saturday I was shopping.          b On Saturday I went shopping.
c On Saturday I did shop.
4)         a I looked at television last night.              b I saw television last night.
c I watched television last night.
5)   a A babysitter looks for children.                     b A babysitter looks at children.
c A babysitter looks over children.                  d A babysitter looks on children.
e A babysitter looks after children.              f A babysitter looks in children.
6)         a Your cake tastes well.                              b Your cake tastes good.
7)   a He works on the first floor.             b He works in the first floor.
c He works at the first floor.
8)   a I was cutting my finger while I was slicing the bread.
b I cut my finger while I was slicing the bread.
c I was cutting my finger while I sliced the bread.
9)         a I'm not very interested in physics.       b I'm not very interested at physics.         
c I'm not very interested with physics.
10)         a Are you afraid with dogs?           b Are you afraid by dogs?
c Are you afraid for dogs?              d Are you afraid of dogs?

mal- bad                     malfunction (noun): when something does not work properly
mis- wrong                misconduct (noun): wrong doing, bad behavior
mono- one                 monologue (noun): a dramatic performance or speech given by one actor
multi- many               multiply (verb): to increase in number
non- not, no              nonsense (noun): something that has no meaning or makes no sense
ob-, oc-, of-, op- toward, against, in the way        obtain (verb): to gain or get, to get a hold of
                                                                             occur (verb): to happen, to come to mind  
                                                  offer (verb): to attempt to give, to propose, to try to hand out
                                    oppose (verb): to be against, to stand in the way of something
over- excessive, above                   overwork (verb): to have too much work
nasc, nat, gnant, nai: to be born   Latin, nasci to be born                    nascent (adjective) - just born
nom, nym: name                              Latin, nomen: name            nominate (verb): to name for office
nov: new                                            latin, novus: new                 novice (noun): a beginner or newcomer

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