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Learn, Relax and Enjoy

Do you know what these B + letters  are:
B PLUS 1      the time before Christ                                                    BC
B PLUS 1      abbreviation for unpleasant bodily smells                      BO
B PLUS 2      a male child                                                                    BOY
B PLUS 2      a container to carry things                                              BAG
B PLUS 3      a very young child                                                         BABY
B PLUS 3      to start                                                                            BEGIN
B PLUS 3      a group of musicians playing together                           BAND
B PLUS 4      the red liquid in the body                                              BLOOD
B PLUS 5      a structure used to cross over something                       BRIDGE
B PLUS 5      the property of                                                               BELONG
B PLUS 6      a male sibling                                                                 BROTHER
B PLUS 6      the flowers on a tree                                                      BLOSSOM
B PLUS 7      a house, office block, hotel                                            BUILDING
B PLUS 7      Dividing line                                                                  BOUNDARY
B PLUS 8      game played with a net,racquets and a shuttlecock       BADMINTON
B PLUS 8      not ugly                                                                          BEAUTIFUL
B PLUS 9      a writer of other people's lives                                       BIOGRAPHER
B PLUS 9      another name for an accountant                                     BOOKKEEPER
B PLUS 10    the day or year, 200 years after a particular event         BICENTENARY
B PLUS 10    Complicated system of government                              BUREAUCRACY

to be like chalk and cheese
This idiom is normally used to describe two siblings (brothers and sisters) who are not at all alike in terms of behaviour.
The idiom refers to the different textures and tastes of chalk and cheese. they are very different from each other.

to put something on ice
If you put something on ice then you could be doing one of two things:
- you could be delaying a plan to do something (you still want to do it, but you have to put the plan back in time)
A few months ago one of my friends told me that he had decided to buy a new car and so was saving money for the deposit.
Last week when I asked him if he had saved enough he told me, "I've put the new car on ice for a few months. I can't afford it at the moment."

to get something from the horse's mouth
If you say that you got some information from the horse's mouth it means that you got it from the original source. The information is not second-hand.
Mary: Hey, Sarah, I've heard that Mrs Jones is going to leave the company.
Sarah: Don't be silly. Mrs Jones loves her job. Who told you that?
Mary: I got it from the horse's mouth.

Business Idioms
across the board- including everyone or everything
The computer company decided to give the workers an across-the-board increase in their salary.
at a loss-sell something and lose money
We were forced to sell the computers at a big loss.
bail a company out-help or rescue a company with financial problems.
The government decided to bail out the failing bank in order to maintain stability in the economy.

Joke:  At the end of mass one Sunday a priest told the congregation, "Next week, I plan to talk to you all about the sin of lying. To help you understand my sermon, I would like you all to read Mark 17."
The following Sunday, as he prepared to give the sermon, the priest asked, "Could those of you who have read Mark 17 please raise your right hand?"
Everybody in the church lifted their right hand.
The priest smiled at this and said, "Thank you. Mark only has sixteen chapters. Now, I will give my sermon on lying..."

Improve  pronunciation through Tongue Twisters

Nine nice night nurses nursing nicely
Free from fog to fight flu fast!
Tim, the thin twin tinsmith
Five fat friars frying fish
Where’s the big black bear, the big black bug bit?

Complete the following sentences by adding in, at or on.
1. We're going to England ..... June.(in)
2. Are you doing anything special ..... the weekend?(at)
3. Johan is going horse riding..... Friday.(on)
4. We're going to Berlin ..... 22 March.(on)
5. Manfred went skiing ..... New Year.(at)
6. I was born ..... 1968.(in)
7. The English examination is ..... July.(in)
8. Kurt's meeting is ..... Monday.(on)
9. Work is always more stressful ..... the end of the month.(at)
10. I've got to work ..... my birthday (on)
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