Thursday, June 7, 2018

Are You “Bad at a Sales?”

I used to say it, too. Back in the day, I’d be fast to say, “I’m bad at sales. Never have been good at it. I just don’t have what it takes.” None of that was especially true. Instead, what I was saying was, “I don’t like aggressive sales tactics where you push someone to purchase something they don’t want.” (That is still true.)
But I didn’t fully understand what selling was about.

Selling is Service When I am in the market for something, let’s say a new video camera, I want to hear about the product I’m interesting in acquiring. I want to know whether the camera has a very long battery life, for instance, or what it does to handle stability. Whoever is helping me consider that product does me a SERVICE by selling the product to me, after they’ve helped me evaluate the purchase.
Think about this - I’m saying to you, “Hey, I think this is of value to you. I know that sales isn’t one of your stronger suits. I want to give you some help with it, some new tools, and improve your chances.” I don’t feel the least bit bad or guilty about selling this to you because I know it’ll help you earn more customers.

You’re “Bad” Because You Don’t Really Have a Model
Like a lot of things, if you don’t have a template or model, it’s harder to understand and execute against. That’s why I put together Prospecting and Selling for Non Salespeople. It’s built for you, with ideas, concepts, and a system you can take for your own and repeat.This isn’t theory. It’s something you can execute against.

You Should Know
  • What’s changed for buyers
  • How to better identify your buyer
  • Prospecting after marketing
  • A simple sales system
  • The magic secret to sales (follow-up)
  • Crisp language for closing
  • Practice approaches
  • A little further learning 

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