Monday, June 25, 2018

Branding For Your Business

Branding is like a person’s fingerprint, showing your customers how your business is distinctive from the competition. It involves creating an image for your company that reflects your style and your goals in a way that appeals to your targeted customers.
As you develop your brand the key is to identify and describe your business in a way that your customers will accept. Managing your brand comes with the steps you set up to make sure you are consistently delivering your brand promise to your customers and your target audience. The branding process translates your attributes into various tools that deliver your message to the mind of your audience. So how do you make sure your fingerprint is translated the right way?
Take a look at how the branding process works:
1. Discovery – Identify what type of business you are, what you can be, and what you want to be. Next, take a look at the competition, perceptions of your industry, and challenges to growth. Lastly, write down attributes that describe your brand.
2. Foundation – Translate the information from Discovery to define your brand promise, story, tagline, language, and to create imagery tools to guide your brand.
3. Expression – Your brand comes to life with your marketing communications from ads to brochures, posters and your web site. Your brand Foundation tools help focus on how the visual Expression of your brand will motivate your targeted customers.
4. Standards –This is all of the critical information regarding your brand, from your distinctive brand story to technical specifications of logo usage. Having these details on hand insures that everything is consistent.
5. Education & Launch –The best way for a project to succeed is understanding how to deliver the message. Make sure as that you understand your brand and the goals.
The difficulty isn’t as much a perfect strategy, but to be focused, differentiated, and consistent. Having a targeted brand assures that you deliver the best first impression to your customers. Having the tools supports the delivery of your message. Offering value to your customers helps build your brand and your reputation. Are you prepared to deliver your message?
Remember…first impressions count so if you fail to get your message across and don’t know why then look at your brand!

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