Saturday, January 18, 2020

Test Your Knowledge

Complete the following sentences by adding the correct preposition of time: in, at or on.
1) Daniela moved to Vienna .... 1998.(in)
2) Did you go to the cinema ..... Monday evening?(on)
3) Let's meet ..... 8.30 tomorrow evening.(at)
4) Anita is starting her new job ..... 7 June.(on)
5) Do you work ..... Saturdays?(on)
6) I got up ..... 8 o'clock this morning.(at)
7) We went to a great party ..... New Year's Eve.(on)
8) Chris isn't here ..... the moment.(at)
9) It snows a lot ..... winter.(in)
10) I got married ..... October.(in)
11) I met Julia while I was on holiday ..... Austria.(in)
12) I don't believe everything I read ..... newspapers.(in)
13) My boss is ..... holiday this week.(on)
14) Regine's office is ..... the second floor.(on)
15) The lift is ..... the end of the corridor.(at)
16) Peter met a friend ..... the way to work.(on)
17) Wolfgang is ..... a meeting.(in)
18) I met Christian ..... the train.(on)
19) There weren't many people ..... the party.(at)
20)I work for the best company ..... the world!(in)
21)Fill in the missing words. For some of the blanks there are a few    
.....(1) Saturday I went .....(2) the theatre to watch (1) on, last (2) to
a play. After .....(3) I met .....(4) friend in a pub (3) that, it (4) a, my
and we .....(5) a drink and a chat. (5) had, drank

We .....(6) the pub at 11pm and walked .....(7) the train (6) left (7) to
station where my friend .....(8) the train home. (8) took, caught, got

I ....(9) the bus and got home half ....(10)hour later.(9) took, caught, got(10) an

after .… (11) a cup.... (12) coffee I .... (13) to bed. (11) drinking, having (12) of (13) went  

Complete the following sentences by adding for or since.
22)Anita has known me ..... 6 years.(for)
23)This product has been on the market ..... 1993.(since)
24)I've been waiting for the contract ..... last week.(since)
25)The baby has been crying ..... ages.(for)
26)I've been married ..... October.(since)
27)Bernadette has been on holiday ..... two weeks.(for)
28)She's worked with me ..... Monday.(since)
29)That dog has been barking ..... 6am!(since)
30)It's been sunny ..... days!(for)
31)Chris has lived in his flat ..... 2 years.(for)

Complete the following sentences by selecting the correct answers.
32) We ..... a new television in March. bought    have bought              had bought
33) I ..... since October. am married   was married   have been married
34) It ..... yesterday evening.  rains   has been raining   rained
35) We ..... a new project. started       have been starting           have started
36) This month we ..... a lot of money on chocolate.
* spent                  * have spent             * have been spending

Complete sentences by putting the verb into the past simple form.
37) Martin ..... a new job last week. (start)(STARTED)
38) Anita ..... to a party last Saturday. (go)(WENT)
39) She ..... her bicycle to work every day last week. (ride)(RODE)
40) I'm very tired. I ..... very badly last night. (sleep)(SLEPT)
41) I don't feel well. I think I ..... too much beer last night. (drink)(DRANK)
42) My son ..... a lot of homework last night. (do)(DID)
43) My sister ..... a birthday cake last week. (bake)(BAKED)
44) Susan and Michael ..... to Salzburg two days ago. (drive)(DROVE)
45) Jane ..... her mother to the theatre last Saturday. (take)(TOOK)
46) Last week Mary ..... a cold. (have)(HAD)


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