Friday, January 24, 2020

List of small steps you can take on your own to lower your stress levels

1. Practice deep breathing: Take some time out during your busy day and slow yourself down by taking intentional, deep breaths. This will have a calming effect on your anxieties, bring down heart rate, and help you put things in perspective as you focus more on yourself.

2. Exercise in a sustainable way: Make working out a part of your routine - it doesn’t have to be something high-intensity like weightlifting. Even a short, brisk walk or 20 minutes of yoga will release the feel-good endorphins, assist your sleep, and make you feel more balanced.

3. Listen to your favorite songs: Listening to music is therapeutic since it has the power to distract and take you away from your surroundings. It also lowers activity in the amygdala - the centre that processes fear, amongst other emotions. In other words, your mind really is in a more restful state when you listen to music you like.

4. Progressive muscle relaxation: You can try this at home when you're in bed or when you're stuck at your desk in the office. Focus on a body part, and tense it for at least 10 seconds. Then gradually let go. It is a great technique to help you unwind and reduce stress. 

5. Follow your creative impulse: Try your hand at drawing, sketching, painting, or even journaling if you like to write. Don’t worry about being a great artist, just let your mind wander on the canvas. Performing activities where you’re in charge might make you feel better about yourself and calm your nerves as well.

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