Saturday, January 18, 2020

Test Your Knowledge

Spelling Test
1)questionnaire      questionaire              questionnaire
2)definate                 defenate                    definite
3)Where is it?                      Were is it?                Wear is it?
4)highly responcible           highly responsible             highly responsibile
5)very useful           very usefull   very usefule
6)a complementary drink  a complimentary drink   a complementory rink
7)He critisised the plan    He critisissed the plan    He criticised the plan
8)an independent report   an indipendant reportan   independant report
9)She refered to Bush     She referred to Bush      She reffered to Bush
10)open-ended catagories  open-ended categories   open-ended catogories
11)quiet right quite right     quiete right
12)good sense         good sence   good cense
13)He achieved greatness He acheived greatness He acheevedgreatness
14)seperate rooms    seperete rooms         separate rooms
15)liberal tendancy   liberal tendensy       liberal tendency
16)medcine    medicin          medicine
17)beginer's luck       beginner's luck       begginer's luck
18)sensative   sensitive       senisitive
19)They beleived the news  They believed the news   They beleeved the news
20)the bear necessities        the beer necessities      the bare necessities
21)the percieved  cost          the perceeved cost              the perceived cost
22)the principal of gravity   the principle of gravity   the prinsipal of gravity
23)not neccessarily so         not necessarily so             not neciessarily so
24)indispensiable     indespensable         indispensable
25)It's their problem            It's there problem      It's they're problem
26)an immence cliff an immense cliff     an imence cliff
27)to concieive                      to conceive              to conceve
28)cause and affect cause and affekt      cause and effect
29)He recieved a postcard               He received a postcard       He receeved a postcard
30)elicit gains             illicit gains                ellicit gains
31)choize         choice          choise
32)sincerely  sincerly          sincerelly
33)thier house is ...  there house is ...       their house is ... 
34)really          realy               reelly 
35)develope    divelop         develop 
36)kindergarten          kindegarten             kindergarden
37)becuse         becase           because 
38)diffrint          diffirent          different
39)govemment             goverment     government
40)busines affairs       busyness affairs      business affairs
41)knowledge             noledge         nollidge 
42)profesional              professional           proffessional 
43)wold             wou'd             would  
44)necessary              neccessary                necesary 
45)definate       difinite            definite 
46)address      adress            adresse
47)cariere            carier            career
48)acomodation           accomodation           accommodation
49)particuler    particular     particullar
50)intergrate                 integrate         intigrate 
51)gramer         grammer          grammar
52)descripe       describe          discribe
53)begining      beginning      begininng
54)interesting              intristing         intresting 
55)the book wich..       the book which..     the book witch..
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