Thursday, March 5, 2020

Test Your Knowledge

1)The audience became upset when the pianist LEFT OUT the third movement of the sonata.
2)Dad wondered where I'd been, and I MADE UP a story about being at Grandma's.
3)I don't know how he managed, but he WENT THROUGH a million dollars in less than a year.
4)The twins seem to GET ALONG WITH each other just fine.
5)He was getting very heavy, but he just KEPT ON eating.
6)She spoke so quickly I couldn't TAKE DOWN her address before she hung up.
7)I don't know how those thieves think they can GET AWAY WITH a robbery in broad daylight like that.
8)John does TAKE AFTER his father, doesn't he?
9)Students knew the paper was due on Monday, but they PUT OFF their study session until it was too late.
10)The student handed in a poem and the professor promised to LOOK it OVER.
11)My grandmother really loved John. She left all her money to Federico and _______ .  he him
12) A student in that all-women's college should have no fears about ________ future.  her            their
13)He was so worried about ________ he should ask to the big dance, that he ended up not asking anyone.  Who           whom
14)Neither Tashonda nor _____ am responsible for this mess.  I  me
15)This is a matter for you and _______ to decide.  I  me
16)Everybody in this class has completed ________ homework already.
 his or her     their  ( Everybody is singular (even though it seems to be talking abo.ut more than one person). Usage on this is changing: it is now acceptable to say their in this sentence in speech, although most careful writers would continue to use his or her)
17)No one on this bus seems to know ______ way around this part of New York City.            their               his or her
 (Careful writers would use his or her because No one is singular. It would be considered permissible, however, to use their in everyday speech. )
18) 1.  The children were so ____________ that the teacher had to yell to be heard.
 A. truculent              B. obstreperous    C. morose                 D. discreet
  "Obstreperous" means "noisy, unruly."
19)Coach Calhoun tried to ___________ his team to try harder in the face of overwhelming odds. A. flout    B. instigate    C. emulate    D. exhort
 "Exhort" means to "encourage" or "urge."
 20)I don't think these flowers are __________ to New England. At least I've never seen them.  A. ingenuous    B. fluent        C. indigenous         D. exigent
 "Indigenous" means "native to."
 21)Roberto pretended to know a lot about the opera, but he was really just a ___________ .  A. dilettante       B. supernumerary   C. chimera    D. catalyst
  "Dilettante" means a "dabbler," an "amateur."
 22)The professor became so forceful, so _________ in his expression of opinions, that students began to leave his course.
 A. dormant               B. credible                C. dogmatic             D. lucid
 "Dogmatic" means stubbornly and arrogantly assertive in one's opinions.
 23)Tina had read the book in a __________ fashion and couldn't remember    
 what she'd read.  A. truculent       B. obstreperous       C. cursory   D. discreet
  "Cursory means "casual," "swift," "without much attention."
 24)The older child had a reputation for ________ trouble in high school, but he calmed down in college.  A. mortifying          B. appeasing           C. curtailing 
D. instigating          "To instigate" means "to start" or "to provoke."
 25)The professor got in trouble for making __________ remarks about the Dean of Faculty.  A. benign            B. pejorative            C. pensive    D. blithe
 "Pejorative" means "negative" or "disparaging."
 26) My uncle has never been to an art museum; in fact, when it comes to matters of art, my uncle is a real _________ .  A. patrician        B. philistine
 C. martyr        D. hedonist                          "philistine" is someone who doesn't appreciate or know much about aesthetic matters.
 27)The jury ___________ the mayor of all wrongdoing.
 A. exonerated          B. expatriated           C. augmented          D. subjugated
 "To exonerate" is to free a blamed party of all blame or guilt.
 28)A __________ seemed to befall the entire community as it heard the horrid news.  A. malfeasance            B. blasphemy           C. largess     D. malaise
 "Malaise" is a feeling of illness or mental uneasiness.
 29)A kind of ____________ seemed to occur when David graduated from high school. He became a serious student all of a sudden.
 A. metamorphosis B. milieu       C. epithet      D. accolade
 "metamorphosis" is a radical or magical change.
 30)Esmerelda's dissertation was on such an ___________ subject that no one could understand it.  A. equitable     B. esoteric C. auspicious    D. austere
 "Esoteric" meands difficult to understand.
 31)Sherman's hold on his job has become so _________ that no one is sure he'll be working there next month.  A. serendipitous        B. eminent    C. putative
 D. tenuous              "Tenuous" means flimsy, "by the skin of your teeth."
 32)The UConn women basketball team's perfect season ___________ in a championship win over Tennessee.  A. culminated           B. fulminated C. fomented            D. alleviated      "To culminate" means to reach a full climax, to finish at the peak.
select the sentence from each choice of three which you think is correct.
33)a Mary has lived here since 4 years.    b Mary has lived here for 4 years.
c. Mary had lived here 4 years.
34)a I was shopping on Saturday.                   b I went shopping on Saturday.
c I did shop on Saturday.
35)a Last night I watched television.            b Last night I looked at television.
c Last night I saw television.
36)a We visited China for ten years.    b We visited China since ten years.
c We visited China ten years ago.
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