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Test Your Knowledge

Complete the following sentences by putting the verb into the past tense.
1)Martin went fishing and ..... a fish. (catch) -caught
2)Gabby ..... a prize in a singing competition. (win) -won
3)I ..... the answer but the teacher didn't ask me. (know) - knew
4)Mr Smith ..... me to play the piano. (teach) -taught
5)My brother ..... me by accident in 1980. (shoot)  -shot
6)Moira ..... for her new jumper by credit card. (pay) -paid
7)The sun ..... brightly yesterday. (shine) -shined
8)My friend ..... a good film yesterday. (see) -saw
9)Someone ..... my car a few years ago. (steal) -stole
10)The audience went quiet when the film ..... (begin) –began

Complete the following sentences by adding in, at or on.
11) I went to a party ... New Year's Eve.(on)
12) I'm going to my sister's wedding ... July.(in)
13) The banks open ... 9am.(at)
14) I moved to Vienna ... 1998.(in)
15) I'll call you ... half past ten.(at)
16) The concert is ... Easter.(at)
17) The concert is ... Easter Monday.(on)
18) My garden looks lovely ... spring.(in)
19) I had a party ... my birthday.(on)
20) I was born ... 1968.(in)

Complete the following sentences by adding some or any.
21)I have ..... money.(some)
22)Do you have ..... children?(any)
23)Julia doesn't know ..... good jokes.(any)
24)Can I have ..... coffee, please?(some)
25)Does anybody have ..... suggestions?(any)
26)Joerg doesn't like ..... foreign languages.(any)
27)Georg has written ..... good books.(some)
28)Could you send me ..... information on your company, please?(some)
29)I'm afraid I don't have ..... cheaper items.(any)

Complete the following sentences by adding in, at or on.
30)Christine met Ramilla while she was ..... university.(at)
31)Don't believe everything you read ..... newspapers!(in)
32)Trude isn't here. She's ..... work.(at)
33)Kurt's office is ..... the second floor.(on)
34)There were a lot of people ..... the party.(at)
35)Michaela met Leopold ..... the way to work.(on)
36)Susanne is ..... a meeting.(in)
37)I met Christian ..... the train.(on)
38)My children are ..... home.(at)
39)Birgit's cake is the best cake ..... the world!(in)

select the sentence from each choice of three which you think is correct.
40)a Gerhard has worked here since 1997.b Gerhard worked here since 1997.
c Gerhard works here since 1997.
41)a I was on holiday in London for ten years.          b I was on holiday in London for ten years ago.            c I was on holiday in London ten years ago.
42)a Michael works on the university.             b Michael works at the university.
c Michael works in the university.
43)a Tomorrow I go to the cinema. Look - here are the tickets.
b Tomorrow I will go to the cinema. Look - here are the tickets.
c Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema. Look - here are the tickets.
44)a I get to work with the train.            b I get to work on the train.
c I get to work by train.

45) 1. My secretary ..... in my department for ten years.
a works          b has worked                      c is working
46)I ..... to my friend yesterday.
a have spoken          b spoke         c did speak
47)Ingrid ..... two cakes already today.
a has eaten              b ate               c has been eating
48)On Saturday afternoon Alfred ..... .
a went swimming   b had been swimming        c was swimming
49)Trude ..... a new printer for her computer yesterday.
a buyed          b has bought                        c bought

Complete the following sentences by adding for or since.
50)David has been my boss ..... 12 weeks.(for)
51)This product has been available ..... the past eight years.(for)
52)We've been working on the report ..... Tuesday morning.(since)
53)Mrs Smith has been waiting for you ..... 15 minutes.(for)
54)Peter has worked here ..... 1982.(since)
55)Paul has been on holiday ..... last Thursday.(since)
56)We've had this computer ..... a very long time!(for)
57)That dog has been barking ..... ages!(for)
58)My friend has worked here ..... April.(since)
59)Andrew has had the same car ..... years.(for)

Each sentence below contains one mistake. Try to find the mistake.
60)Thomas was swimming on Saturday.
Thomas went swimming on Saturday.(For a finished action in the past we use the past simple.)
61)I have lived in Vienna since four years.
I have lived in Vienna for four years.(for a quantity of time; since a timepoint)
62)Peter works on a project at the moment.
Peter is working on a project at the moment.(at the moment: key time signal for the use of the present continuous)
63)When are you born?
When were you born? (to be born - past: was born)
64)Anita did go to the cinema last week.
Anita went to the cinema last week.(For a finished action in the past we use the
past simple. It is possible to use 'did see' but this is used for stress, normally after someone has said the opposite, for example: Bob: "You didn't see the film yesterday, Mary." Mary: "I did see the film!")

Complete the following sentences by putting the verb into the past tense.
65)Johann ..... straight home after the English class. (go) - went
66)Werner ..... a prize in a spelling competition. (win) - won
67)She walked into the room and ..... a candle. (light) - lit
68)I ..... a cold last week. (catch) - caught
69)Dieter ..... down the stairs. (fall ) - fell
70)Guido ..... the song beautifully. (sing) - song
71)Robert ..... to work yesterday on his bike. (ride) - rode
72)Tony Blair ..... the Prime Minister in 1997. (become) - became
73)My parrot ..... away yesterday. (fly) - flew
74)The train ..... 10 minutes late. (leave) – left
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