Friday, March 27, 2020

What Is Biological Psychology

Biological Psychology

Psychologists – Explain Behavior

Biological Psychologists – Explains Behavior in biological terms

Biological Psychologists try to answer 4 types of questions about any given behavior.

1)      How does it relate to the physiology of the brain and other organs?

2)      How does it develop within the individual?

3)      How did the capacity of the behavior evolve?

4)      And why did the capacity for this behavior evolve? i.e. what function does it serve

Neurons receive information from , and transmit information to other cells. The nervous 

system also contains glia, cells that do not exchange information with other cells.

The Synapse is a point of communication between two neurons.

Wakefulness and sleep , as well as temperature and other body activities, vary on a cycle of approximately 24 hours. The body itself generates this cycle.

Sleep probably serves at least two functions:

1)      Repair and Restoration

2)      Conservation of energy during a period of relative inefficiency.

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