Thursday, March 5, 2020

Test Your Knowledge

Each sentence below contains one mistake. Try to find the mistake.
1)Julia has eaten too much chocolate yesterday.
Julia ate too much chocolate yesterday (Yesterday is finished time, so we must use a past tense in the sentence.)
2)Manfred doesn't have some money.
Manfred doesn't have any money.(As a rule, in positive sentences we use some; in negative sentences and questions we use any.)
3)Michael did see the film yesterday.
Michael saw the film yesterday.
(For a finished action in the past we use the past simple. It is possible to use 'did see' but this is used for stress, normally after someone has said the opposite, for example:Bob:"You didn't see the film yesterday, Mary."Mary: "I did see the film!")
4)Had you a nice weekend?  
Did you have a nice weekend?
(Past simple questions use the structure: did + subject + infinitive)
5)On Saturday I was washing my car. On Saturday I washed my car(For a finished action in the past we use the past simple.)

Complete the following sentences by adding for or since.
6)David has been my boss ..... 12 weeks.( for)
7)I've had my watch ..... the past eight years.(for)
8)We've been working on the report ..... Tuesday morning.(since)
9)Mrs Smith has been waiting for you ..... 15 minutes.(for)
10)Peter has worked here ..... 1982.(since)
11)Paul has been on holiday ..... last Thursday.(since)
12)We've had this computer ..... a very long time!(for)
13)That dog has been barking ..... ages!(for)
14)My friend has worked here ..... April.(since)
15)Andrew has had the same car ..... years.(for)

Complete the following sentences by selecting the correct answers.
16) We ..... a new car last year. bought           have bought                        had bought
17) Since April we ..... five new sales offices.
 did open       have opened          opened
18) It ..... since early this morning.       
has snowed              has been snowing                        snowed
19) We ..... a new project in September.
 Started         have been starting              have started
20) To date we ..... a lot of money on training courses.
 Spent                        have spent              had spent
21)We ..... to a casino yesterday.
* went                        * had gone                * did go           * have been
22)Last Saturday I ..... in my garden.
* did work       * was working           * worked       * have worked
23)The meeting ..... an hour ago.
* has started              * has been starting              * started        * did start
24)We ..... to the cinema twice this month.
* have been              * have gone              went              * did go
25)In 1998 we ..... a lot of money on training courses.
* spent           * have spent              * had spent      * were spending

Complete the following sentences by adding in, at or on.
26)Peter and Mary first met .... 1982.(in)
27)Did you go out ..... Monday evening?(on)
28)Let's meet ..... 8.30 tomorrow evening.(at)
29)I'm starting my new job ..... 7 June.(on)
30)Do you work ..... Saturdays?(on)
31)I got up ..... 8 o'clock this morning.(at)
32)Moira and Trevor are getting married ..... July.(in)
33)George isn't here ..... the moment.(at)
34)I often go skiing ..... winter.(in)
35)Gabby moved back to England ..... October.(in)

Complete the following sentences by adding some or any.
36)Manfred hasn't got ..... money.(any)
37)Would you like ..... wine?(some)
38)The courgettes didn't look nice, so I didn't buy ..... .(any)
39)Do you have ..... good videos?(any)
40)There are ..... beautiful buildings in Preston.(some)
41)I went to a café with ..... friends last night.(some)
42)I can do it myself. I don't need ..... help.(any)
43)Would you like ..... biscuits?(some)
44)I haven't written ..... postcards.(any)
45)Can you lend me ..... money, please?(some)

Complete the following sentences by adding for or since.

46)Linus has known me ..... 2 years.(for)
47)This product has been available ..... 1993.(since)
48)We've been waiting for the report ..... Tuesday.(since)
49)The baby has been crying ..... ages.(for)
50)I've had my car ..... November.(since)
51)Ingrid has been on holiday ..... two weeks.(for)
52)She's worked with me ..... Monday.(since)
53)That dog has been barking ..... early this morning!(since)
54)It's been raining ..... days!(for)
55)Wolfgang has given up smoking. He hasn't smoked now... three weeks.(for)
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