Thursday, March 5, 2020

Test Your Knowledge

A Unique Circus
1)an act - N. a short performance or skit in a circus N. a part of a theater play
2)the audience - N. the people watching or listening in a performance
3)to celebrate  -  V. to recognize a special occasion or event with a fun activity or party
4)a costume  -    N. clothes worn in a play, movie, circus, or other performance N. clothes worn during a special holiday such as Halloween, Carnival or Mardi Gras
5)cruel -   A. enjoying the pain and suffering of others, intentionally causing pain and suffering
6)to distinguish- V. to set apart, to make the difference, to mark the difference V. to see, hear, taste or smell the difference (between two or more things)
7)to juggle  - V. to keep many things in the air at the same time by throwing and catching them quickly V. to do many jobs or activities at the same time (This usually indicates that because you are doing many things at the same time, you are tired and overworked.)
8)a magician  -   N. a person who performs magic tricks
9)mesmerizing   - A. to be so beautiful or amazing that one becomes speechless and lost in a trance
10)to range  -  V. to vary from one extreme to another, to represent all types between two very different categories
11)Fan : Air  ::  Stove : (cook      heat    kerosene       boil)
12)Heavy : Light  ::  Smooth : (hard      frail     dark    rough)
13)Cub : Lioness  ::  Bunny : (kangaroo         eel       rabbit     horse)
14)Metal :Conduction::Plastic:(industry insulation inflammation  petrochemical)
15)Court : Lawyers :: Hospitals :(doctors         patients          nurses            beds)
16)Wine : Grapes :: Vodka : (Potato     orange           apple              rye)
17)candle : Wax  ::  Paper : (pulp          wood  bamboo          tree)
18)Stars : Telescope :: Blood cells : (lens     blood     camera       microscope)
19)Black : Sheep  ::  Blue : (star            clouds                        moon              sky)
20)Atoms : Matter :: Nuclear Particles : (protons    dust   energy       electrons)   
21)Professor : Lecture :: Doctor : (disease    patient      hospital      Medicine)
22)Cells : Tissues :: Atoms : (organs    molecules      electrons        elements)
23)Man : Machine :: Master : (slave     manager        house             worker)
24)Planet : orbit :: Projectile : (trajectory           track    milky way       path)
25)Pericardium : Heat  ::  Rind :: (trees            head               teak                 body)
26)Wool : Sheep :: Mohair : (camel      goat    cow     cat)
27)Tanning : Leather :: Pyrotechnics : (bombs   fireworks   machinery    wool)
28)Cunning : Fox :: Timid : (rabbit        ant      ass      horse)
29)Fruit :Tree :: Fish : (rill           river    rip        seine)
30)Shot : Gun :: Smoke : (fire                factory            cigarette         chimney)
31)Last week(a) / Ramesh and Hareesh(b) / do the work(c) / which was pending(d) / no error(e)       - (c) did the work
32)Before they left(a)/the office(b)/they switched off(c)/all the lights(d)/no error
33)We were so late, we ___________had time to catch the train.
a)nearly         b)almost         c)simply         d)not               e)hardly                      
34)Raju’s shirt has a pattern of boats all __________ it.
a)on                b)over            c)down           d)round          e)with
35)Carlos HUNG UP on his sister because he was so tired of listening to her whining on the phone.
36)When he CAME TO, his wallet and bike were nowhere to be found.
37)Terri was able to CATCH ON to the most complex problems in calculus before anyone else.
38)Whenever we get tired of cooking, we EAT OUT at our favorite Italian restaurant.
39)He tried to PUT ON his jacket before his tied was tied.
40)Professor Farbman promised to TALK OVER the exam after she returned the results.
41)My family was able to GET BY on very little money when I was young.
42)Tina was astonished that she was TURNED DOWN for the counselor's position.
43)The detective vowed to FIND OUT who the real murderer was before the case went to trial.
44)The committee promised that the celebrity would SHOW UP at the big event.
45)Those are probably the ___________ curtains in the store.
Fanciest         fanciest         most fanciest
46)Uncle Carl is really ______________________ man.
an old sweet             a sweet, old               a sweet old
47)The Karmen-Ghia used to be _________________ sportscar.
a fine German          a German, fine         a fine, German
48)Everyone was home for the holidays. What could make for ___________ Christmas than that?a merrier            the merriest   a merrier
49)They grew up in ___________________ house in Mexico City.
a comfortable, little               a little, comfortable               a comfortable little
50)Diehard is the ____________ movie I've ever seen.
most excited              most exciting                       most exciteable
51)Tina wanted to take a course with _____________________ professor.
that interesting new Japanese economics                 that Japanese interesting, new economics                    that interesting, new, Japanese, economics
52)Of all the mechanics in the shop, Jerzy is surely ______________ .
the less competent.             the least competent.          the competentest.
53)In the fall, the valleys tend to be ___________ than the hilltops.
Foggy                         more foggier              foggier
54)My cold is definitely _________ this morning.
Worse            worst               worser
55)My best friend lives ______ Boretz Road. 
 a. in                b. on               c. at
56)I'll be ready to leave ____ about twenty minutes. 
 a. in                b. on               c. at
57)Since he met his new girlfriend, Juan never seems to be ______ home. 
 a. on               b. in                c. at
58)The child responded to his mother's demands ______ throwing a tantrum. 
 a. with            b. by               c. from
59)I think she spent the entire afternoon ______ the phone. 
 a. on               b. in                c. at
60)I will wait ______ 6:30, but then I'm going home. 
 a. from           b. at                 c. until
61)The police caught the thief _____ the corner of Cascade and Plum Streets. 
 a. in                b. at               c. from
62)My fingers were injured so my sister had to write the note _____ me. 
 a. for               b. with            c. to
63)I am not interested _____ buying a new car now. 
 a. to                b. for                c. in
64)What are the main ingredients ______ this casserole? 
 a. about                      b. to                 c. of
65)My best friend, John, is named ______ his great-grandfather. 
 a. after                       b. to                 c. about
66)Grandpa stayed up ______ two in the morning. 
 a. since                      b. for               c. until
67)My parents have been married ______ forty-nine years. 
 a. since                      b. for                          c. until
68)He usually travels to Philadelphia _______ train. 
 a. by                           b. at                 c. with
69)You frequently see this kind of violence ____ television. 
 a. with                        b. in                c. on
70)I told Mom we'd be home ______ an hour or so. 
 a. to                 b. in                c. at
71)I was visiting my best friend _____ the hospital. 
 a. of                b. at                c. in
72)The professor _______ South Africa amazed the American students with her stories. 
 a. from           b. of                c. in
73)I'll see you ____ home when I get there. 
 a. in                b. by                c. at
74)It's been snowing ________ Christmas morning. 
 a. since                      b. for               c. until
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