Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Future of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's)

ICO's (initial coin offerings) have been exploding in popularity this year...
In fact, they've overtaken traditional VC funding for startups raising capital!
However, this new way of crowdfunding is littered with scams and has a very uncertain future. 
ICO's could be the tool to help small (unaccredited) investors get access to better investments, but the current regulations in place are set up to help the rich get richer while leaving table scraps for 98% of the population. 
In today’s episode, we’re taking a deep dive into ICO's and looking at the possible future of this innovative way of raising capital.
In this episode you’ll learn:
Review of the traditional ways of raising business capital 1:38
What are ICO's 3:03
2017 ICO stats 3:53
Risks and rewards of ICO's 4:20
How to find good investments 8:19
How to avoid scams 9:18
How I invest in startups 11:08
The big question about ICO's 14:05
JOBS act and SAFT 15:55
3 options for ICO's 19:12
Predictions for the future of ICO's 20:10
Question of the day 24:35
The coolest "ICO" of the year 25:02
Links and resources mentioned in this episode:
The SAFT Project (Special Agreement for Future Tokens) - - verify your accredited status and get access to big ICO's -
ICO stats - total funding from initial coin offerings -
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