Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to Achieve Set Goals.

Achieving Set Goals
when you may have set a number of goals that you really wanted to achieve this year. You were probably motivated and committed to stick with your plan and get a number of  things done.
So did you stick with the plan?
Did you achieve those goals?
Or did you just lose your motivation? Get side tracked or caught up with the little things that you forgot about the major goals you wanted to achieve.
When you think about why you haven't achieved your goals you'll probably find that you have a number of reasons or excuses for not getting started, for not taking the initiative and for not achieving your goals.
Why did that happen?
Because you're simply used to doing what you do. You're used to the routine and part of that routine is to not achieve your goals – to let things just stay the way they are. This is what your mind and subconscious mind are used to. It's a habit that you've formed.
We're all creatures of habit and if you're not creating the changes that you want, if you're not motivated it's because your mind and subconscious mind are simply sticking to the habit of not achieving your goals, not getting motivated and not creating changes.
Just like you have a routine that you follow every morning when you get dressed and go to work - your mind and subconscious mind follow a certain routine. Either your mind and subconscious mind have developed a habit for being motivated and succeeding or they're used to just keeping things the way they are.
Now you can create a new habit so that you're motivated to succeed and live the life you want and it's a lot easier than you think.

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