Thursday, October 12, 2017

How to check our own level of self esteem.

Try to understand the following questions and answer them honestly. You need not show the score to anyone ,if you don’t wish to. Here we go. Just answer Yes or No to the following questions. 

1) You often imitate someone else (e.g. a film actor, politician) in your manners and dress. ________ 

2) You feel very jealous because you are not like so many others, whom you know. ________ 

3) You often boast about the wealth, property, caste, and achievements of your ancestors. ________ 

4) You feel nervous when a group of people is walking towards you (in your direction) along the road. ________ 

5) Often you dream about falling from a height, being chased by a monster or not being able to do what you are asked to do. ________ 

6) You raise your voice during arguments. ________ 

7) You show off and pretend to be what you are not and own what you don’t have. ________ 

8) You cannot work on your own. You need others to support you and help you. ________

9) When you make mistakes you have always excuses to offer. ________ 

10) Even while resting or lying in the bed you are not really relaxed. ________ 

11) You cannot laugh at your own mistakes and failures. ________ 

12) During conversations you think of what you have to say and so do not listen to other person. ________ 

13) When somebody asks a question you are sacred to answer because the answer may be wrong but when the correct answer was given you know you had the right answer. ________ 

14) When your friends get new clothes or special things you feel miserable till you too get similar things. ________ 

15) You have many plans, and begin some of them but are not able to complete many of them. ________ 

16) You enjoy jokes made at the expense of others. ________ 

17) You normally are shy to ask others to help you________ 

18) You often think about your past hurts and deprivations and find yourself getting very angry and frustrated. ________ 

19) You find it difficult to genuinely appreciate others for their achievements. ________ 

20) If your work is criticized or if you are not chosen for a job you sulk and avoid it completely. ________ 

21) You like to have many friends but you don’t like to make friends. You expect others to come to you. ________ 

22) When others congratulate and appreciate you, you do not easily believe them. ________ 

The number of questions you have answered in the negative is the index of your self –esteem. The more questions you answer in the negative, the more self-esteem you are supposed to have. But, even five negative answers would be enough to build on your sense of self-esteem.
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