Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Test Your Knowledge - 4

1)      A person who never works and is lazy is described as lazy fellow or lazy bones? Lazy bones
2)      What do you call the study of bones – Osteology or Orthology ?
3)      What is the Synonym for Liberty? Freedom
4)      Very big plants are called shrubs or trees? Trees
5)      Which keys will not unlock anything? Keys on Musical Instruments
6)      Supposing, supposing three men were frozen-2 died. How many were left? None! You were only supposing.
7)      Is it possible for someone to marry a widows husband? No, because the husband is dead. 
8)      Which chess piece sounds like a member of a crow family? The Rook
9)      What is the attire/dress of a nun called? Habit
10)  “There is a bee in my nose”. Is this sentence correct? No.
11)  What is a word that means “cannot be repaired”? Irreparable
12)  What does dirt, dust  and smoke cause to air? Pollution
13)  How do you call the sound of Turkeys? Gobble
14)  When the wind blows gently what is it called? Breeze
15)  What is cricketers coffin – a kit bag or keeping gloves? Kit Bag
16)  The medicine that destroys the effect of  poison is called antidote
17)  What is the word for an animal with 4 legs? Quadruped
18)  What is a group of cats called? A Clowder
19)  Strong winds that cause damage is called Strom
20)  What do you call small plants with weak stems? Herbs
21)  Are the small brown spots on a persons skin called pimples or freckles?
22)   If something does not hurt, is it painful or painless? Painless
23)  The plural for data is datum
24)  What is dittology – Study of spellings or double meaning ?   
25)  How do you end a business letter with – Truly or Obediently?
26)  Find out the nouns in this sentence” The man lost the keys in his car”.Man/keys/car
27)  If ‘proud’ is the adjective and ‘proudly’ is the adverb. What is the noun form? Pride
28)  Turn the word ‘tacks’ into another word for ‘pile’? stacks
29)  Find another word for a big sheet of Ice? Glacier
30)  Is “ Brunch” a compound word or blend word? Blend word
31)  Rearrange  the letters in “nap” to make the word for something used in the kitchen? Pan
32)  Does New Year’s Eve come before or after New year’s day? Before
33)  The plural of “flea” is fleas or flies? Fleas
34)  Turn the word ‘rat’ into a sticky black substance? Tar
35)  What kind of words will you find in a thesaurus – Synonyms or antonyms or both? Both
36)  A ‘Pantheon’ is a temple dedicated to all gods or senior Buddhist monks? Dedicated to all gods
37)  Does ‘Septicemia’ mean food poisoning or blood poisoning? Blood poisoning
38)  Who lives in a priory – birds or monks ? Monks

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