Thursday, March 5, 2020

Test Your Knowledge

Changing Jobs

1)to be bought out  -     V. to be purchased, taken over by another company
2)to be laid off    - V. to lose your job because the company wants to reduce the number of employees
3)Competitive                 -           A. worthy of competition, liking competition
4)Dedicated  -    A. very loyal; working hard for a person, company or idea.
5)to downsize    -           V. to reduce the size of a company, to reduce the number of employees
6)to get rid of      - V. to throw away, remove, eliminate something or someone
7)Outdated  -      A. too old, antiquated
8)to retrain  -       V. to reeducate someone for a job, train again
9)to streamline               -           V. to form into a smooth shape which can easily move through air or water, to improve the performance of something, to simplify a process
10)to update an update  - make more modern N. the latest information or news

Coffee Houses

11)to appeal to -   V. to attract or interest (a certain group of people)
12)to blend a blend  -      V. to combine, mix together N. a combination, a mixture ("Blend" is often used to refer to a special mixture of coffee beans.)
13)to chat a chat  - V. to talk in a friendly, informal way; to discuss things for fun N. an informal discussion
14)decaf    - A. with no caffeine, with reduced caffeine (This is the short form of "decaffeinated.")
15)a fad  - N. a fashion, a trend, a short-term interest
16)to hang out a hangout  - V. to spend time at a place (just relaxing or being with friends) N. a place where you spend much of your time
overpriced  -  A. costing too much money
17)To pop up  -     V. to suddenly appear
18)To sip   - V. to slowly drink
19)Trendy -  A. very fashionable, too fashionableA. interested in extremely fashionable things (This word is often used in a negative way to express that something has become ridiculously fashionable.)

Grocery Store Choices

20)to bill a bill  -    V. to send a  request for payment at a later date N. a request for payment
21)to come to        -  V. to equal (an amount of money), to add up to, to total
22)to deduct  -      V. to take away, subtract (an amount of money)
to discount a discount discount  - V. to reduce or lower the cost of a product N. a reduction in the cost of a product A. costing less money
23)to enter   -        V. to put in information electronically
24)to issue  -         V. to officially give out or print
25)to pack   -         V. to put things into a grocery bag V. to put things into a box 1779)to move   -        V. to put things into a suitcase to take with you
26)pressed for time         -           IDM. in a hurry
27)To swipe          -           V. to put a card through a computerized machine quickly so it can scan the information (We usually use this word with ATM cards, credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, etc.)
28)to verify            -           V. to make sure that something is true

Entertaining Films

29)alternative       - A. something which is done in a different way, not done in the normal way (In the U.S., alternative films are usually artistic films or foreign language films.)
30)artsy -   A. extremely artistic, overly artistic, too artistic(often suggests that someone tried too hard to make something artistic)
31)entertaining -  A. something which entertains; amusing and interesting
32)hilarious-A. something which is very funny; something which makes you laugh
33)intense-A. containing strong emotions or feelings A. extreme (An intense film is one which emotionally drains you or makes you tired. Intense is not necessarily negative, it just means that a movie is not light or relaxing.)
34)light -    A. relaxing, amusing, not too intense (This is the opposite of "intense.")
35)mainstream -   A. something which is usual, or normally done (Mainstream films are those which are usually high budget, popular, and made for entertainment. "Mainstream" is the opposite of "alternative.")
36)superficial  -    A. not deep or profound; lacking real content A. only on the surface
37)suspenseful - A. something which makes you keep guessing or makes you question how something will end
38)thought provoking -   A. something which makes you think

 Turn off the TV
39)a commercial              -           N. an advertisement on TV
40)a couch potato    -      N. a lazy person who sits around all day watching TV
41)a documentary    -      N. an educational TV program or movie usually describing nature or history
42)a drama-N. a serious TV program, movie or play that involves all the emotions
43)to kick back   -V. to sit in a big comfortable chair or lie on a couch and relax
44)nope                 -           this is an informal way of saying "no"
45)prime-time prime time - Adj. between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM every night N. the time between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM every night  (The most popular shows are shown during prime time.)
46)a sit com -        N. a half-hour comedy show
47)trials and tribulations  - N. problems and difficulties of life
48)trivia     -  N. unimportant or useless information
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