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Amazing Qualifiers - The Essence of Dharma - 1

The Essence of Dharma - Vemana Satakam was composed by “Kumaragiri Vemareddy” popularly known as Yogi Vemana, a 14th century Telugu poet. A poet of the people, a philosopher of equality and a fighting saint, his poems were a direct comment on the social structure at that time, which are relevant even to contemporary society. Only parts and meaning of the poem described and repetitive lines avoided.

 The musk secreted by the musk deer is black,
 But its sweet scent spreads far and wide ,
 Just like good qualities are recognized every where,

The neem though bitter cures diseses,
 And gives firmness to the luster of the body,
 And if eaten regularly it leads to sweet results,

Food without dhal is disliked by the world,
Only the person without debts is more stronger,
And only the person without fear is the wise person

Even if a mean person practices knowledge ,
He does not become important, just like a mean animal,
Like donkey carrying perfumes does not become elephant,

 A child is pampered only when the mother is there,
 And if she goes away, no one cares about him,
 And like that only in good times, people get respect,

What is the result in offering food to a person,
 Who is not able to digest the food he takes,
 And what is the result in giving charity to a rich man ,

 If we provide help to a person with virtue,
 It appears to him as big as a mountain due to his goodness,
 But will the bad person even recognize help as big as a mountain,

If we are fated to get, God would definitely give,
 And if we are not fated to get it, there is no result,
 And would God bless you with Gold, if you are not fated?

A river full of water flows with great majesty,
 And a turbulent river flows fast and slow and bent,
 Will a noble person ever behave like a mean person,

A rain drop falling in an oyster becomes a pearl,
And a rain drop falling in river, becomes a part of water,
A person fated to get it will never miss to get the chance,

The outer appearance of a fig fruit is shining and smooth,
 And if we cut it open, we may see worms in it,
 Such is the mind inside an arrogant person,

The bubbles that form in the waves, breaks then it self,
 And the wealth seen in the dream is not wealth at all,
 Please understand the luck and enjoyment in the world are bubbles,

Though gold is same, different types of ornaments are made out of it,
Though there are various beings their soul is the same,
And there are many types of food, all meant to satisfy same hunger,

 Do not claim your superiority in places that are not yours,
 Even a small precious thing has its own importance but not its reflection,
 Just like no one bothers about reflection of a mountain in a mirror,

 A huge tree can be destroyed by a small worm in its root,
 And white ants affecting a huge tree can reduce it to nothing,
 Just like by influence of insignificant evil, one can destroy a person of good conduct.

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