Wednesday, October 11, 2017

It's just the same 6 steps over and over. It's not magic. [LOOK]

If you want to build a big network marketing organization...
If you want to not ever have to work for someone else again...
And you want to create a six-figure monthly income, this is process:

1. Join a company with a product that solves a massive problem for the MASSES in a way that is readily observable.
2. Note down a list of 100 to 200 people that you have a connection to (you don’t have to know them well)
3. Learn the rejection-free, no-pressure, 2-minute phone call script.
4. Get with your sponsor and call that list using 3-way calls, so you can just introduce and listen
5. Of that 100 - 200 you get your 2 or 3 business partners (people who are jacked to play the game with you)
6. Teach them the same process, same script.
7. Repeat 1 - 7 over and over and over, 3 levels deep.

It just repeats over and over from there.
It’s a simple process which hardly anyone really understands how to do.
And what I’ve found is that the ONLY real “snag” in the process is…
A lot of folks are absolutely terrified of making a phone call.


You either have a product that does not provide a real solution that is worth sharing, and you know it, or...
You have counter-productive mental attitudes and irrational fear which are sabotage your success (you're afraid of the "Big, Bad 'Ol telephone").  That’s why #4 is in place above.
Some people will make excuses like, “I don’t know that many people!”  

WRONG. Yes, you do. 

The average 20-year old knows 1500 people. 
The average cell phone (according to AT&T has over 300 contacts in it.
“I don’t know that many people," is an irrational excuse your mind gives you when you are terrified of making a phone call.
See, in most businesses, you do actually have to communicate with people.  It’s normal.
The idea that you’re going to build a business without ever communicating with anyone, just by pushing some magic button or hoping that millions of people find your website, is insane.

And every single person reading this right now can become wealthy.

It’s not even that difficult.
You just have to do it.
It’s not a question of missing instructions or lack of a business vehicle.

The only barrier is:  Will you allow your excuses to be more important than doing the 7 steps above?

It’s excuses and victimhood, or action and wealth.

I’ll also add in that our product, in this case, literally dissolves the plaque from the arteries, which is the first thing in the history of the planted to do so. You can literally be saving lives today.

How about this for an initial call?:

“Hi _____, it’s YOUR NAME. Quick question for you… Who do you know over the age of 50?”
(They ALL know 20, 30, 40+ people in that age bracket (hint, hint)

Forget “selling”. 
Forget “persuading”. 
Forget “convincing”. 
Forget telling them all about your product.
Forget telling them all about the business.
Forget about sponsoring 30 to 50 people per month.

You don’t have to do any of that.
That sh** doesn’t work.
You want to know what works?

==> Go here and learn how to to it with no rejection, in a way that never embarrasses or pressures the prospect, and which has a very high likelihood of striking interest.

Learn it. 
Apply it. 
Master it.
Your organization will grow.

By Alan Cosens
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