Thursday, October 12, 2017

Learn, Relax and Enjoy - 20

Docile                                   Willing to accept control or instruction
Doggerel                              Badly written verse
Dogmatic                              Firmly putting forward one’s opinion as true
Dollop                                   Shapeless mass or lump
Dolor                                     Great sorrow or distress
Dolt                                        A stupid person
Domineer                             Arrogant and overbearing
Dormant                               As if in a deep sleep (of an animal)
Dowager                               A widow who holds a title or property from her late husband
Droll                                      Amusing in a strange or unexpected way
Drone                                    Make a low continuous humming sound
Dross                                    Rubbish
Dubious                               Hesitating or doubting
Ductile                                  Able to be drawn out into a thin wire
Dulcet                                   Sweet and soothing
Dupe                                     Deceive
Duplicity                               Deceitfulness
Duress                                  Treats or violence used to force a person to do something
Dynasty                                A line of hereditary rulers
Dystrophy                             A disorder in which an organ or the tissue of the body wastes                                                  away

Today is the full bloom of life!
Today is the full bloom of life. The petals of yesterday have withered into the past.
Tomorrow is an unopened but that may be blackened by frosts of fate. 
The future is a but a seed, not yet planted, of unknown quantity. 
But today is a gorgeous blossom of beauty and fragrance. 
Today is a new page in the books of life. Upon it and upon it alone, you can write a record of your accomplishments. But once turned, it is gone forever.

What is Beauty? 
Socrates called beauty a shot lived tyranny,
Plato, a privilege of nature
Theophrastus a silent cheat
Theocritus a delightful prejudice
Carneades, a solitary Kingdom
Aristotle it was better than all the letters of recommendation in the world.
Homer, It was a glorious gift of nature
Ovid, It was a fever bestowed by the gods

Funny English
A pin has head but no eyes
And a needle has an eye but no head
A chair has legs but no feet
And a ruler has feet but no legs
A book has leaves but no branches
A railway has a bridge but no nose
A bullet has a nose but no bridge
A river has a mouth but no neck
And a saw has teeth but no head

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