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Learn, Relax and Enjoy - 21

Contronyms also known as ‘autantonyms’ or ‘Janus words’ are words which have two opposite meanings, according to the context in which they occur. 

For example, with can mean ‘alongside’ in ‘Come with me’ but ‘against’ or ‘in opposition to’ in ‘Hannibal fought with the Romans’. And remember the pharmacist who unwisely advertises that he ‘dispenses with accuracy’! Can you identify these contradictory words?

1)To spray with powder or remove dust from.                
dust (the aircraft dusted the fields; Have you dusted this room?).     

2)Sanctified or damned.                 blessed (Blessed are the meek; I’m blessed if I will!).

3)Open to everybody or open to a restricted number of people.  public (public building; public school).

4)Not good or very good.                bad (That was a bad move; He’s a real bad singer).

5)Add to or remove from.    trim (She trimmed the dress with lace; Trim the pastry round the edge).

6)To open or shut.               draw (curtains).

7)Move gracefully or move clumsily.      trip (She tripped across the fields; He tripped over the carpet).

8)To stick together or split apart.   
cleave (‘Shall a man cleave unto his wife?’ Genesis 2; You can cleave the log in two with an axe).

9)A duty to notice things or a failure to notice things.
oversight (She has the oversight of the works; My failure to check the meter was simply an oversight).

10)Remaining or departed.                        left (There is one cake left; She has just left).

11)That moves quickly or that does not move.   fast (a fast horse runs; a fast colour does not run).

12)Very enthusiastic about something or very annoyed at it.  mad or wild.

13)A three word phrase which means ‘to like more’ or ‘to like less’.              think better of (I think better of him after he saved the cat; I have thought better of telling my boss he’s a fool).

14)Acceptance and approval or disapproval and punishment.                      
sanction (The king gave his sanction; They imposed sanctions on the warring parties).

15)A two-word phrase meaning either ‘working’ or ‘refusing to work’.          industrial action.

16)A two-word phrase meaning either ‘definite’ or ‘not possible’.     
no question (There is no question that he is stupid; There’s no question of my giving in).

17)A two-word phrase meaning a small leap or a massive leap.        quantum leap (In physics, this name means a sudden change in an atom or molecule; in general use it means a huge change).

18)A two-word phrase meaning to stop something and to start something
wind up (The company was wound up; The clock started when I wound it up).

A+1     Latin abbreviation used for after Christ               AD
A+2     to join or put together                                          ADD
A+3     a dull, continuous pain                                         ACHE
A+4     a pleasant smell                                                   AROMA
A+5     fearful                                                                   AFRAID
A+6     very, very old                                                        ANCIENT
A+7     the letters used in writing a language                  ALPHABET
A+8     the special car to take sick people to hospital     AMBULANCE
A+9     machines that keep an airplanes on course        AUTOPILOTS
A+10   a meeting set for a  certain time and place          APPOINTMENT
A+10   not precise                                                           APPROXIMATE
A+9     their jobs are to go into outer space                    ASTRONAUTS
A+8     someone who is addicted to alcohol                    ALCOHOLIC
A+7     a purple precious stone                                       AMETHYST
A+6     a written piece in a paper                                     ARTICLE
A+5     the 8th month of the year                                      AUGUST
A+4     to let something happen                                       ALLOW
A+3     my mothers sister                                                 AUNT
A+2     it is between the hand and the shoulder               ARM
A+1     abbreviation for a air conditioner                          AC

Alfred Nobel -  Swedish Inventor of Dynamite

The discovery of dynamite enabled Nobel to become rich and get fame as days passed.
Nobel was enjoying all the comforts of life with his fortune of about 2 million dollars accrued from his patent for his invention and also from his oil wells at Baku in Russia.
An incident that took place at that time changed his outlook on his life and his attitude towards people.

One fine morning when Nobel was reading the day’s newspaper he came across a shocking news item. His name appeared in the obituary column and it read, “Dynamite king dies…………..  He was also the merchant of death”.   
The Swedish inventor wanted dynamite to be used for peaceful purposes  - open up new mines, break rocks, help build railroads and highways.
But  nations of the world put these explosives to a far more destructive use in war.

Nobel did not take any legal action against the newspaper. He started planning how best he could be remembered and honored in the future. He believed that his wealth should belong to the people worldwide and help raise the excellence of human groups and their culture.

Birth of Coca - Cola 

Dr. John S Pemberton was always experimenting with new elixirs, cooking them in an old three-legged cauldron (large kettle). In 1896 on a fateful spring day, he made a mixture of sugar water, various natural essences and flavorings.
A friend who sampled it cried, ”you hit the jackpot(prize money) – call it Coca-Cola.”
Pemberton died poor after selling out his secret, but the formula has made thousands of millions of dollars.

1)Rose, Daisy, Daffodil, Lily          -     Types of Flowers
2)Pyramids, Sphinx, Nile, Cairo    -     All in Egypt
3)Mickey Mantle, Carl Lewis, Ed Moses, Linford Cristie           -           Athletes
4)Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierces Brosnan, Timothy Dalton    - All played James Bond
5)Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Jade                 -           Precious stones or gems
6)Stop Signal, London Buses, United Kingdom Post Boxes, Tomato - All are red
7)Rainy, Sunny, Cloudy, Snowy                - All are types of weather
8)Yankees, Mets, Giants, Dodgers           -           Baseball Teams
9)Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared                    -           Emotions

Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money. It lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.  ------ Franklin D Roosvelt.

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