Sunday, October 8, 2017

Test Your Knowledge - 3

1)      What I is a list of a book’s content? Index
2)      What T is a part of a gun, that helps shooting? Trigger
3)      What R is the color signaling danger? Red 
4)      What F is an admirer of any artist? Fan
5)      What N is a person belonging to the wandering tribe? Nomad
6)      What P is a broad cooking vessel? Pan
7)      What D is the skin below the epidermis? Dermis
8)      What M is a revolt against lawful authority? Mutiny
9)      What U is a vessel used for cooking / serving? Utensils
10)  What is the name for a group of goldfish- a troubling or a dole? A troubling
11)  What H is said to be the abode of absolute happiness? Heaven
12)  What T refers to a child just learning to walk? Toddler
13)  What is the collective noun for toads? A Knot or a weave? A knot
14)  What is the past tense of Hold? Held
15)  A person studied about mountain gorillas, was he a zoologist or an anthropologist? A Zoologist
16)  Give the word for the official count of the country’s population? Census
17)  What is the fan on the top of a helicopter called? Rotor
18)  What is the main part of the body of an aero plane called? Fuselage
19)  What do we call a female fox? Vixen
20)  We mark two letters ”N.B” for any important message to be noted by the reader. what does N.B stand for? Nota Bene (Latin) means to Mark (nota) Well(bene)
21)  What is the study of earthquakes called? Seismology
22)  Give one world for a thing that happens once a year? Annual
23)  What is the antonym for the word intricate? Simple
24)  What is the name of the machine that relays movies- a projector or cinemascope? A projector
25)  When your skin has a rash? What color does it usually become red or blue? Red
26)  “The little bird is on the nest”. Is this sentence correct? No
27)  What is the antonym for Bless? Curse
28)  What do you call a group of workmen on a ship? Crew
29)  If something is animated is it moving or still?
30)  When do you use an umbrella to give you shade? On a rainy day or on a sunny day?
31)  Expand DVD? Digital Versatile disk
32)  What is the antonym for the word reject? Accept
33)  Give one word for a gallery of spectators? Audience
34)  Give one word for all powerful? Omnipotent
35)  What is the synonym for ‘Cheat’? Deceit / Fraud
36)  What is the other word for saliva? Spit
37)  A person who loves his country is called a citizen or a patriot? A patriot
38)  What is Matins? A morning prayer in the church
39)  What is the name of the art of silkworm breeding? Sericulture
40)  What is the name of a man who eats human flesh? Cannibal

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