Friday, October 13, 2017

Test Your Knowledge - 5

1)      Which subject is named after the latin word meaning ‘to know’? Science
2)      Correct the verb in the sentence: “The mosquito bited on my arm”. The mosquito        bit on my arm.
3)      What is the name given to the beginning of a river? Source
4)      If a container is “unsealed” is it opened or closed? Opened
5)      What is mobile home called? Caravan
6)      Do words called Homographs sound alike or look alike? Look alike
7)      Does a orchestra play a sonata or a symphony? Symphony
8)      What is sarcophagus? A stone coffin
9)      What is a group of stars called? Constellation
10)  Which word is used for 2 people or things “all” or “both”? both
11)  Does ”cosmopolitan” mean the same as “worldly” or “wise”? Worldly
12)  Is ‘exterior’ opposite of  ‘inferior’ or interior’ ? interior
13)  What noun can you form from the verb “to grow”? growth
14)  Which word has the most consonants: strange or silence? 
15)  What do we call an area that is uninhabited by humans? Wilderness
16)  What is a baby Zebra called? A colt
17)  Find another word for ‘snooze’: play, run, nap, eat
18)  Does the word ‘repair’ mean ‘to mix’ or ‘to fix’?
19)  Find the opposites in the list? sick, extra, healthy, grow?
20)  What is a bird’s house called? Nest
21)  Name the small fiber balls that appear on low quality fabric after repeated washing? Lint
22)  What do you call a person who writes music? A Composer
23)  Which one of the two words mean to wear away slowly ‘erode or explode’? erode
24)  Which is correct past tense of  ‘do’ – did, done or doing ? did
25)  The plural of ox is oxen, what is the plural of axe? Axes
26)  What is the plural of “sheep”? Sheep
27)  Which fruit is grown in a vineyard? Grapes
28)  Find the suffix in the word ’Enjoyment’? ment
29)  What do we call a mass of ice that floats in the ocean? An iceberg
30)  Liquid can become gas. Is this process called Evaporation or condensation? 
31)  If a woman can be a bride. what can a man be? Bridegroom
32)  What is the study of birds called? Ornithology
33)  Find the hidden word in ‘stripe’ which means ready to eat? Ripe
34)  What is the singular of ‘people’? Person
35)  Do birds fly in flock or in a group? Flock
36)  What do you call sailors who loot and capture other ships? Pirates
37)  What is lux a measure of ? Illumination
38)  Turn the   word ‘eat’ into a word for a hot drink? Tea
39)  Which musical instrument is also called a fiddle? Violin
40)  What do you call the words of a song? Lyrics
41)  If a lion kills a deer, which of them is called a ‘predator’? Lion
42)  What is the art of communicating with the spirit of the dead called? Necromancy
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