Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Spirit of Money


So, to what extent does money define our life? Is there anything beyond money?

Interestingly, this brings two sharply contradictory theories in focus—money as the basis of trade, with which we are all concerned, and money as temptation, where the less we have to do with it, the better. How does one balance the two?

With money, things that seem fair play from one point of view turn into ethically suspect areas from other perspectives. Actually, the problem does not lie with money at all, it lies with our perspective. At its basest level, what is money? A piece of paper, a promissory note, a piece of plastic, a punched-in number on the stock market. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. 
The person who amasses great wealth through hard work, and the person who gives away all in the blink of an eye share the same platform from a spiritual perspective. Both are following their dharma. Money plays but a negligible role in terms of their spiritual evolution, since money is the outcome, not the source of their perspectives on life. 
"Money does not define us", " We define what money means." And so long as our life is governed by a reliance on our innate correctness of action that one is born with, the money that we earn would not just benefit us, but also contribute to a better and prosperous society.
The enigma of money is a creation of our own minds. Then why get ensnared in it? It may come as a cliché to many, but we are the masters of money. 

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