Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Test Your Knowledge

Russian Dolls
1)Put an insect into tarts to make underwear. --- ant + pies = panties.
2)Put a word for ‘always’ inside an animal to get excited. ---                   
         ever + fish = feverish.
3)Put a word for ‘representing’ inside an insect to make a word meaning ‘earlier’. --- for + bee = before.
4)Put a word for ‘exists’ into your artistic inspiration to make a word meaning ‘ill-treat’. ---is + muse = misuse.
5)Put the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet inside the residue of burning to make a word meaning ‘like a monkey’. --- pi + ash = apish.
6)Put a condiment inside a word for ‘each’ to make a collection of psalms.
--- salt + per = psalter.
7)Put a heavenly being into a game to make a word for eternal. ---
angel + chess = changeless.
8)Put a word meaning ‘moved quickly’ inside a French house to make a tough stone. --- ran + gite = granite.
9)Put a word for ‘on’ inside a dog to make a line on a map.---
onto + cur = contour.
10)Put human males into a doctrine to make a block of flats.—
men + tenet = tenement.
11)Put a silicate mineral inside a word for ‘talented’ to make a word meaning ‘friendly’. --- mica + able = amicable.
12)Put ‘to rise’ into a peel to make gliding on a wide parachute. ---
ascend + paring = parascending.
13)Put a large vase into a gratuity to make a vegetable. --- urn + tip = turnip.
14)Put a conjunction inside a male admirer to make a headband. ---
and + beau = bandeau.
15)Put a word meaning ‘insert’ into access to make artistry. ---
no + ten = tenon.
16)Put a word meaning ‘insert’ into access to make artistry. ---
interline + pass = painterliness.
17)Put a word meaning ‘perform’ into miraculous food to get the Virgin Mary. --
do + manna = Madonna.
18)Put a song inside a fishy man to make a ship conveying merchandise. ---
chant + merman = merchantman.
19)Put a coarse word into chronic alcoholism to make dry periods. ---
rough +DTs = droughts.
20)Put a word for vomit into an evangelist to make one sign of pregnancy.
retch + St Mark = stretch mark.
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