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Test Your Knowledge

‘Hermans’ are sentences that use a pun on a person’s name, modelled on the sentence: ‘She’s my woman,’ said Herman. Hermans can include more complicated examples like: ‘What comes after H?’ said I, Jay, Kay, Ella, and Emma.Suggest appropriate female names for the speakers of these sentences.
Example: ‘Bless this meal,’ said . . .Ans: Grace.
1)‘Can you see I’ve been dieting?’ said . . . Lena
2) ‘Is that a horse I hear?’ asked . . . Winnie
3)‘Everything in the garden is lovely,’ said . . . Fleur or Flora
4)‘I’m an egotist,’ said . . . Mimi
5)‘I only just got up,’ said . . . Rose.
6)‘I’m shrinking!’ said . . . Violet
7)‘Sing doh, ray, me, fah, soh, te, doh,’ said . . . Nola.
8)‘This house has two lavatories,’ said . . . Lulu
9)‘I’m the greatest,’ said . . . Charity
10)‘Anna’s not going anywhere,’ said . . . Anastasia.
Now suggest suitable male first names for the speakers of these sentences:
11)‘I am the winner,’ said . . . Victor
12)‘I cannot tell a lie,’ said . . . Frank.
13)‘That can’t be a window,’ said . . . Isadore.
14)‘I’ve finished the excavation,’ said . . . Doug
15)‘On your knees!’ shouted . . . Neil
16)‘I’m only joking,’ said . . . Josh
17)‘Do you like my telescope?’ said . . . Seymour.
18)‘I can’t get mumps twice,’ said . . . Adam.
19)‘How does that famous soliloquy start?’ asked . . . Toby
20)‘Over and out,’ said . . . Roger.
21)What comes between the sun and the moon? And
22)I am on your face when you are happy but not when you are sad. You can’t catch me but I am there. Can you guess who I am? Smile
23)I have a round face and three big teeth. Who am I ? Fan
24)What is all over the building? The Roof
25)When will water stop running down the mountain? When it reaches the bottom
26)What can you add to a pot of water which will make it weigh less?  Holes
27)Which is better than presence of mind in a road accident? Absence of body
28)What are six balls? An over in cricket.
29)What does not exist but still has a name? Nothing
30)Onus    -           Responsibility
31)Silt        -           Fine sand and mud carried and left behind by flowing water.
32)Pall       -           cloth which covers the coffin at afuneral
33)Gist       -           main Point or points
34)Dais      -           Raised Platform
35)Weir      -           dam across a river
36)Peon    -           Labourer in Spanish – speaking America
37)Iota       -           very small quantity


38)"I live in Paris." (Simple Present)      He said he lived in Paris. (Simple Past)
39)"I'm not feeling well."(Pres.Conti.)He said he wasn't feeling well.(Past Conti)
40)"I've never been there"(Pres.Perf)He said he had never been there(Pst Per)
41)(Present Perfect Conti)  "She's been working."                 He said she had been working (Past Perfect Continuous)
42)"I saw my mother."(SimplePast)He said he had seen his mother.(Past Perf)
43)"There will be a problem."(Future)                                                                          He said there would be a problem.(Conditional)
44)"I'll be leaving soon."(Future Continuous)             He said he would be leaving soon. (Conditional Continuous)
MODALS-relating to the mood of a verb. A modal verb is an auxiliary verb expressing necessity or possibility. e.g. must, shall, will etc. 
       Present Modals                                                 Past Modals
45)"I will go."                                                        He said he would go.
46)"I can swim."                                                   He said he could swim.
47)"It may rain."                                                   He said it might rain.
48)"I must go to the bank."                                 He said he had to go to the bank.
49)"I needn't phone her."                      He said he didn't need to phone her.
Would, could, might, ought to, needn't have, must have, used to
50)"I'll go if they go." (First Conditional)                     
He said he would go if they went. (Second Conditional)
51) The heating ___ last night and we couldn't fix it.  went off      turned off
52) He ___ his last chance of being promoted.  gave away           took away
53)I'm ___ with your complaints.          filled up                      fed up
54)Don't ___ his campaign promises. fall for                        feel for
55)It took the firefighters many hours to ___ the fire.           die out    put out
56)I can't hear you. ___ the radio.        Put down                   Turn down
57)The meeting had to be ___ until next week.         put off            set off
58)She couldn't ___ all the candles on the cake with one breath.
blow out                    throw out
59)I ___ the letter before throwing it in the trash. zipped up           tore up
60)Are you ___ a place to stay in San Francisco?looking for       watching for
61) The plane will ___ soon.     eave off                      take off
62) (In place of) a job, he's looking for a course to take.--Instead of
63) Please (go on). This story is very interesting.--continue
64)I'm getting (accustomed) to coming here all by myself.--used
65) Last night a train ran into a (bank of snow).--snowdrift
66) Don't forget to bring a (pail) of milk when you come home.--bucket
67) It's extremely cold (outside; in the open air).--outdoors
68) The champion (fought better than) his opponent.--outfought
69) From my hotel window I (have a view of) the bay.--overlook
70) She did not (forgive; pardon) him for his rudeness.--excuse 
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