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Test Your Knowledge

An anagram is 'a word or phrase formed by transposing the letters of another word or phrase'. Can you transpose these words or phrases to make new words or phrases?

1)Rearrange the letters of the word ‘rail’ to make a dishonest person:Liar. 
2)Rearrange the letters of the word eat to make something to drink. tea.
3)Rearrange brush to make a kind of bush. shrub.
4)Rearrange lemon to make something else to eat. melon.
5)Rearrange skate to make a poet. Keats.
6)Rearrange wand to make a time of day. dawn.
7)Rearrange supersonic to get part of an orchestra. percussion.
8)Rearrange spectrum to make some eatables. crumpets.
9)What do you have to be if you want to listen? silent.
10)Which word describes lithe acts? athletics.
11)Which part of a newspaper may be an adroit lie? editorial.
12)In two words, where can you find a schoolmaster? the classroom.
13)In two words, what is worn by a strip teaser? sparse attire.
14)Which part of the body is a ten-letter word in which the last five letters are an anagram of the first five letters? intestines.
15)Make two other words from the letters of idolatry. adroitly, dilatory.
16)Make three other words from the letters of the word gallery. allergy, largely, regally.
17)Make four other words from the letters of the word players. parleys, parsley, replays, sparely.
18)Make four other words from the letters of inlets. enlist, listen, silent, insel.
19)Make four other letters from the letters of the word maneless. lameness, maleness, nameless, salesman.
20)What quality might characterize a prime dunce? imprudence.
21) Which comes first: speech or writing?
Speech comes before writing historically. Many languages lack a written form
Many individuals cannot use written language. Children automatically learn to speak but have to be taught how to read
22) What are the Characteristics of Spoken Language?
Repeating, first draft status, vocabulary, grammar, intonation
23) What are the Characteristics of  Written Language      
final draft status, density of content,grammar,neutrality of social roles,punctuation

Unique Personalities

24)Cynical - Adj. seeing little or no good in other people, believing that people do good things for bad reasons
25)Eccentric - Adj. having strange, unusual or abnormal habits or tastes (This term is less insulting than strange, weird or bizarre.)
26)Egotistical - Adj. thinking too highly of oneself, considering oneself better than others
27)Imaginative -   Adj. creative, having much imagination
28)Indecisive - Adj. unable to decide quickly, not knowing what choice to make
29)picky     -           Adj. hard to please, too careful in choosing something
30)sensible -        Adj. practical, reasonable, something that makes sense
31)sensitive - Adj. easily feels emotion, easily hurt emotionally (can be positive or negative)
32)sophisticated  - Adj.  representing high culture,  very experienced in life
thoughtful - Adj. often doing things to make other people feel good

Returns and Refunds

33)to carry - V. to offer a particular item for sale; to have an item in the store
34)a defect - N. a technical problem, a flaw, a mistake in construction
35)to exchange    - V. to change one item for another
36)irritating - Adj. annoying, upsetting, bothersome
37)a model - N. a particular type of a mechanical product
38)a policy - N. a plan or course of action in business or government which is regularly followed
39)to refund - V. to return money a person paid for a product or service
40)to ship  - V. to send something large through the mail
41)store credit -    N. a credit given to a customer which can be used to buy a new product    -(When customers return a product to a store, sometimes instead of       cash they are given a store credit which allows them to buy another product of equal or lesser value.)
42)a warranty -     N. a guarantee given by a company which ensures that the product they sell you is well made. If it breaks too soon, they agree to repair it or replace it free of charge.

Ordering in a Restaurant

43)Appetizer  -      N. a small dish at the beginning of a meal, a starter
44)a chef   - N. a skilled cook
45)Chives - N. a small onion-like herb commonly added to potatoes
46)Chowder - N. a kind of soup usually containing fish and vegetables
47)to come with   -           V. to include (in a meal)
48)Dressing          -           N. a sauce added to salads
49)an entrée         -           N. a main dish
50)a menu            -           N. a list of dishes available in a restaurant
51)Salmon            -           N. a large fish with silvery skin and pinkish meat
52)well-done medium – rare rare         A. adjectives used to describe ways of preparing meat: well done = fully cooked. medium-rare = slightly  pink rare = very pink
53)to crack up      -           V. to laugh uncontrollably, to laugh a lot
54)Dry  -    Adj. not obvious, subtle (sense of humor)
55)to giggle  -       V. to laugh a little without opening your mouth very much
56)Humorous -     Adj. funny, amusing
57)an impression - N. the act of speaking or singing like a famous person
58)to kid                -           V. to make jokes, to joke with someone; to not be serious about something
59)a stand-up comedian  -         N. a person who entertains by telling humorous stories and jokes; a professional comedian who performs live.
60)Silly  -   N. funny in a slightly stupid way; funny in a way which is not really intelligent or sophisticated
61)Twisted  -         Adj. sick, disgusting, abnormal Adj. using sick or disgusting things in a humorous way
62)Witty  - Adj. funny in an intelligent way Adj. full of fast, humorous responses 
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