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Test Your Knowledge

1)We are going to _____ the Town Games for fun.
 part take in    ►take part in                         take part with           taking in part
2)Since the rainstorm came _____, it did a lot of damage in the area.
 Surprisingly             rapid               in hurry          ►suddenly             
3)I'll be home late. Please don't _____ me.
 wait up on     ►wait up for                         waiting up for            be wait up for
4)Who will _____ your dog while you are away"
 ►look after    be look after              to look after  for looking after
5)The new teacher loves poems and makes us _____.
learn them heartily               heartily learn them
►learn them by heart                      learning by heart them
6) _____ I like to do something completely spontaneous.
 ►every so often       every often so           very so often             very often so
7)Please _____ soon.               your mind make up                          up and
 make your mind                   ►make up your mind          make upon your mind
8)Taking photos here is _____.  questionably                      out of question
 ►out of the question          out for the question
9)My assistant John will be _____ in my absence.
 charging                   on charge                   ►in charge               for charge
10)"Do you go out _____ on weekends?"      "Yes, we sometimes go out."
 every often   in a time         once upon a time    ► once in a while
11)The Smiths will move to New York. But we hope to _____ with them.
 keep touch    keep at touch            keep on touch          ►keep in touch
12)Ann is very temperamental. How do you _____ her?
 put up with    put with          ►put up to    putting up with
13)"We should buy a new microwave."     "But our old one will do for _____."
 a time being              ►the time being       a being time              the being time
14)"Do you have any idea how you will achieve that objective?"
"Yes, I have it all _____." figures  figured for      figured in       ►figured out
15)My parents often  _____ after dinner.
 ►go for a walk         walking          go a walk       go to walking
16)"Where _____ is the best place to park a car around here?"
"I'm sorry. I don't know."
 are you suppose      ►do you suppose  supposedly  you suppose
17)Every child has to _____ and respect other cultures.
acquaint with            ► be acquainted with  get acquaint with           getting acquainted with
18)"Are you _____ in trying out the new diner?"                  "Yes, we are."
 cared                          attended                   concerned                 ►interested
19) It will be hard to say goodbye to Bill and Anne. We are _____ at the aiport.
 see them off             see off them              ►seeing them off    seeing off them
20)"When did you get the bike?"          "My father gave _____."
 to me the bike last week    ►me the bike last night
 to me the bike last night      last night the bike to me
21)When John got home from work, _____.
 ►she made a cup of coffee          she was making a cup of coffee
 she makes a cup of coffee             she has made a cup of coffee

22)Anne believes she is the _____ young lady in the world.
 ►prettiest      most pretty     most prettier              most prettiest
23)He managed _____ his way through the maze.
 ►to find         to find out      to found         to found out
24)1670)Can you please _____ your feet from the coffee table?.
 move              move off         ►remove       remove off
25)I wasn't  _____ with my exam result.
 please            ►pleased      pleasing         pleasant
26)"When did Tom and Wendy arrive?"
"They arrived here an hour _____ you did."
 ago     ►before         since              since before
27)After _____ his homework, Tom went out to play with his friends.
 finish             to finish          ►finishing    the finish of
28) _____ go to on holiday to California or Florida?
 Do you rather    Will you rather      ►Would you rather    Won't you rather
29)"Who was the woman I saw you laughing with yesterday?"
"She was _____."  ►the woman next door         the next door woman
 the woman next to the door           the woman next by the door
30)Such news is always _____ to be true.
 good             very good        so good          ►too good
31)Is it important that everyone _____ his/her bit for the team?
 ►do                does               did                   must do
32)This is the place _____ the body was found.
 that                 which             ►where         there
33)You should buy a computer. _____ you would be able to send emails. 
 So       ►Then           Well                Therefore
34)David seems to be _____.
 in hurry          ►in a hurry      on a hurry              hurrying
35) How many words do you think there are in the English language?
a) 70,000    b) 170,000    c) 500,000    d) 2 million+
All 2 million can be found at
36) The following English words come from other languages. Can you guess which language they are borrowed from?             a) Tea    b) Coffee    c) Casserole  d) Potato  e) Shampoo - a) China (from the AMOY dialect)    b) Turkey   c) Greek    d) Spain    e) India
The majority of English words fall into a small number of types of words. These are called word classes. Name the word classes.
37) A word which names           -           noun              -           petal
38) A word which describes                  -           adjective        -           pretty
39) A word which describes an action            -           verb    -           push
40) A word which adds information about verbs -     adverb    -      smoothly
41) A word which connects parts of speech  - conjunction             -           and
42) A word which replaces a noun                  -           pronoun         -           I
43) A word which indicates relationships       -           preposition    -           before
44) Words which can be used before all common nouns – articles  -       the
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