Monday, July 6, 2020

Develop a mind focused on "positive thinking"

Let us look at one of the powerful concepts that drive positive thinking in all of us. All Hindus pray to Hanuman as a great deity who is believed to provide strength and success to those who pray to Him. What we miss out in this is the meaning of this concept of Hanuman.

Let me explain – If we understand and adopt the characteristics and positive aspects of Hanuman, we will become excellent human beings, helping humanity to excel and ourselves becoming superior human beings.

Hanuman represents a controlled mind – focussed only on positive values.

Normal human mind constantly travels all around, jumping from point to point – like a monkey. If our mind is focused on “positive thinking”, we also will become like Hanuman. 
What is the fundamental aspect of this positive thinking? – 

One has to be not just working for self-satisfaction, but to ensure that everyone who comes in contact with us feels happy (“rame Raame manorame”).

Our mind should be capable of tracking, reaching and correcting the cause/s behind any problem with the speed of wind like Hanuman does (Maarutatulya vegam). 

With all our achievements, our behavior should be controlled with ability to overcome the desires oriented towards emotional satisfaction and driven sense organs (Jitendriya). 

We should be able to tap the capability of our brains best (Buddhimataam varishtha).

We should be the messengers of Good Value Systems (Shri Raama Doota).

This is the best way to tap our positive thinking and make it useful to the entire society.

K S Madhavan

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